Note 550176 - FAQ note legacy data transfer asset master records

Version / Date 7 / 2003-01-27
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category FAQ
Primary Component FI-AA-AA-A Master Data
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    1. Which legacy data transfer methods are available in Asset Accounting and how are they different?
    2. Why does the system not transfer some fields from my input file to the asset master records?Why does the system display error AY219 "Field &1 is not ready for input"?
    3. Can I subsequently transfer legacy data in a production company code?
    4. How can I create legacy group assets?
    5. How can I transfer assets under construction (AuC) from my legacy system and what must I consider in this case?
    6. How can I generate test data for the transfer via BAPI?Where is the documentation of report RAALTDBDBR, which is mentioned in the R/3 library?
    7. When I execute report RAALTD01, why does the system generate error 00352 "'LEAVE TO TRANSACTION' & is not allowed in batch input" although the input file is correct?
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