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Component : Organizational Management CRM -

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Key words :

business partner, business partners, organizational units, number assignment, filter settings, number range, initial distribution

Related Notes :

1650800HRALE: Locked PA infotype (field SPRPS) present in IDoc
1649869HRALX: Qualifications: new qualification removes old ones
1623525HRALX: Distribution & Integration in BP of Qualifications
1599854HRALX: private phone number when country diff. from ISO-code
1564026PPOMA*: Creation of org. data in future leads to BP creation
1562108HRALXSYNC: Org. unit listed with yellow sign for address
1560468Text of the subtypes 0010 and 0020 of infotype 5585 turn up
1554633HRALE: Locked PA infotype (field SPRPS) present in IDoc
1526311HRALX: ALE inbound shows a bad performance due to BP integr.
1518046HRALXSYNC: No processing in background for org.units only
1511763HRALXSYNC: Incorrect name change of business partner
1499589HRALX: PPOM*: Business partner not saved after creation
1485918HRALX: Work center data is lost
1483677HRALX: Wrong error handling before data comparing
1479706HRALX: Short dump GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in ALE inbound procg
1477112HRALX: E-mail data disappears for business partner
1474800HRALX: IDocs with Qualification still on status 64
1473360HRALXSYNC: Does not regenerate the relat. B207 to BP
1471859HRALX: Address data cannot be synchronized in org. unit
1467118HRALX: Search term field not updated at business partner
1433049HRALX: Integration with address duplicate check
1400806HRALX: FM BUPA_ROLE_CHANGE does not exist
1383852IDoc w/out relationship A209 for obj. P (-> HRALX00_ORG 315)
1379511HRALX: Distributing an early hiring date as the existing one
1362704HRALX: Bank data not created for BP (2 identical sets)
1345913HRALX: Global BP memory is empty for regist. applications
1321194HRALX: BDoc not generated, even data updated
1318172HRALX: Inactive assignments causing idoc status 52
1276427HRALX: Multiple BPs created for new org. unit
1245081HRALX: Hyphen for US addresses of org. units not inserted
1241212HRALX: Integration with address duplicate check
1234996HRALX: BP-BP relationship created which does not exist
1227806HR replication: Incorrect percentage of position
1227783HRALXSYNC: Old BP-BP relation not removed (BUT050)
1223973HRALX: HR-nameformat 00 replaced by space in BP-nameformat
1174064HRALXSYNC: No repair if BP-integration is partly active
1168104HRALXSYNC: No repair if BP-integration is partly active
1167979BBP_OM_BUPA_ALE: Inconsistent employees
1158336BP integration: Employee search help doesn't return any hits
1139987RHMOVE30: BP in role organization created
1134186HRALXSYNC: No repair if BP-integration is partly active
1129899HRALX: Private phone number set as workplace phone number
1121712BP_BAPI Perform ADDRESS_DATA_SAVE_ES aborts - Wrong entries
1113071Dump in HRALXSYNC by multiple selections using F4-help
1092850HRALX: Communication data not updated (BP-BP address)
1091963ALE-BP-Generation after original inactive measure
1089992HRALXSYNC: Dump with TIME_OUT in repair mode
1080900HRALX: Hiring an employee leads to error message 201(R1)
1079963HRALX: Change of "Form of Addr" no replicated to BP
1066963HRALXSYNC: RH_READ_INFTY returned error 1, hrbas00dlg 002
1056873Incorrect SRM users after HR distribution
1052449HRALX: Employee is linked with BP without role "Employee"
1043729HRALX: Delimitation of 0105/0005 and 0105/0010 not in BP
1041701HRALXSYNC: Org. and Central Person in same number ranges
1040207HRALX: Status 51 when future employee are distributed
1038526Wrong initialization of numeric fields of user relation
1031252HRALXSYNC: Org. and Central Person in same number ranges
1027404HRALXSYNC: Inconsistent gender will not be recognized
1024258HRALX: PPOME Drag&Drop: BP-BP relationships not deleted
1016450Replication of persons deletes positions in SRM
1008056HRALX & Qualification: relationships not saved
1004844HRALXSYNC creates BP relationship without AL flag
996789Business partner integration: Collection of help reports
996786HRALX: Communication data not updated (BP-BP address)
996429HRALXSYNC: The "basis data" for employee is always "yellow"
994060HRALX: Extension not cleared and other communication issues
981269HR_SYNC_PERSON: BP number range differs from HRALX switches
980380HRALX: new switches unaccessible per OO_CENTRAL_PERSON
979656HRALX: Idoc segments (Y1P*,Z1P*) are not recognized
979104HRALX: HR integrated BP need change pointer for BW
977559RHCHECKRELATIONS does not find relationship with none-ex. BP
973043ALE-serialization: Counter wrongly updated (HRMDRGOUT)
970225HRALX: Initial distribution deletes relationship CP-207-BP
968398HRALX: PRIOX field (relation CP-B207-US) filled on error
966859HRALX: Dumps by processing of huge amount of IDocs
965790Problems caused by inconsistent business partner relation
964485HRALX: personal telephone number (Infotype 0006 subtype 1)
963550HRALX: Delimitation of qualification relationships
960109HRALXSYNC: BP-BP relation not updated (BUT050)
958380HRALX: Name change results in error (central person)
956333HRALX: The complementary data for Q are wrongly distributed
955686HRALX: BAdI HRALEX_INBOUND causes run time error
953130HRALX: Business Partner relationship not deleted (BUT0xx)
951690PPOSA_BBP: "Is manager" info. into "User details" is wrong
949515PPOSA_BBP: Basic data for user are not shown
947923HRALX/OADBP switch in table T77S0 cannot be maintained
934372SRM/CRM: HR integration for business partner - New features
926186HRALX: Organization email is wrongly updated in bus.partner
920752EBP staff assignments structure broken by CUA (II)
920242HRALX: Organization address is not updated in bus. partner
919807SRM 5.0: PPOMA_BBP - Employee name not updated
918346Business partner not created; duplicate check on address
917153HRALXSYNC: Error reading the 'Changed Since' date
916820HRALXSYNC: F4 for multiple org. selection returns 0
897321HRALX: Runtime error in qualification relationships
895139HR_SYNC_PERSON: BAdI for data conversion
890682Relationship BP-BP is not updated if HRAC=OFF
889815Error message w/o specification of object (HRALX00_ORG101)
877612HRALX: Business partner comparison - Multiple Locking
875301HRALX/OADBP switch in table T77S0 cannot be maintained
875270Business partner transfer to SAP GTS with HR-ALE connection
863363HRALX: Creation of BP, without link to CP
858005ERP 2005 SP Stack 1 (10/2005) Release and Information Note
857745Generation of User Authorizations in none-ERP environments
854908HRALX: BDoc not generated, even data updated
852968EBP staff assignments structure broken by CUA replication
852770HRALX: Old relations P/CP deleted
850328EBP4.0 +: Multiple BAdI assgmt due to HR/ALE distribution
850259HRALX: Position deleted or not changed
845002HRALX: HRALXSYNC performance
836418HRALX: Address synchronization
835590HRALX: HRALXSYNC does not synchonize organisation name
833981HRALX: HRALXSYNC does not synchronize future leaving
832395HRALX: Status 51: Insertion of infotype 1001
822488HRALX: position assignment deleted
819473HRALX: BP-BP relationship is not created
818822HRALX: Employee communication data not updated
813280HRALX: E-mail address was not transferred
809743HRALX: Building address not to BP address distributed
808526SAP BP: BUPA_ROLE_ADD causes error message R1 582
800241HRALX: Termination due to nested call
797879EBP 4.0+: Setting up business partner integration
797838EBP 5.0+: Workflow integration in org. model
797755EBP 5.0: BP not created (Customizing correction)
791949HRALX: Inconsistency in business partner
789860HRALXSYNC: Exclude manually created organizational units
789382HRALX: Low performance for qualifications
785802PPOMA_BBP: 'Defective' users in EBP
782903HRALX: Business partner relationship not deleted
781507HRALX: Unlocking fails
777961HRALX: Deactivating the address check
777269HRALXSYNC: Standard address not recognized
777082Initial distribution of qualifications
775083HRALX: Duplicate entries in communication data
774385HRALX: Dump when posting (Employee distribution)
771887EBP 5.0: Business partners not created
767434HRALX: Error does not appear in IDoc
766882HRALX: Error when inserting infotypes
764114HRALX: Keys 00 not defined as name format
762640Drag and drop in Transaction PPOMA_BBP
761744HRALX: Communication data not updated
760749HRALXSYNC: Addresses are not adjusted
760146Downloaded HR Employees are not created in SMOMITABT
753785HRALX: IDoc contains error: R1(612)
752923WF: Addition to function module RH_GET_ORG_ASSIGNMENT
746989HRALX: Missing parameter IV_NAMECOUNTRY
746188HR-ALX: Workflow Exploding the supervisor
745710HR-ALX: HRALX-MSGRE Switch causes termination
744987HRALX: No address found for business partner
741926HRALX: Error in IDoc: "Address already exists" (R1626)
740796HRALX: IDoc status: System error
740174HRALX: Incorrect assignment for person
739665HRALX: BP-BP links are deleted
738548HRALX: No entry in the BUT052 table
738003HRALX: E-mail, telephone or fax are not updated
736100HR-ALX: HRALXSYNC - no warnings in the error list
735558HRALX: Error creating BP relationships
730739HRALX: IDoc status 52
729441HRALXSYNC: Termination with organizational units
729009HRALX: BP-BP link is not updated
728962HRALX: BP already available with number assignment type 3
728819HRALX: Duplicate addresses
725888HRALEX: Initial distribution without infotype 0006
724149HRALX: Masking sensitive data
721673HRALX: Business partner does not exist
720828HRALX: Error does not appear in IDoc
712755EBP 3.+/4.0: Incorrect messages for the user check
712661HRALX/OADBP switch in table T77S0 cannot be maintained
711852Link not created to the SU01 user
709467Name1 field truncated in business partner master record
708854HRALX: Relationship not created for business partner
706151HRALX: Number assignment type 3, switch spelled incorrectly
705921Transport connection: Active integration for BP
703010HRALX: Business partner not created
700611HRALX: Change to organizational unit with e-mail
692459HRALX: Changes are not transferred
688933HRALX: Roll back inadvertently called if an error occurs
686070HRALX: Number assignment type 3, incorrect prefix
680589Activity groups at the position
679266HRALX: Qualifications are not distributed
676669Texts for switches of group HRALX
668562HR-ALEX: Short dump when creating S-US
666875HR-ALX: New settings for new releases only
663264HRALEX: Duplicated business partners in the role of employee
658222E-mail address is not updated
654841HRALEX: Address in business partner relationship
653481HRALEX: Short dump when you import original data
652505HRALEX: Incorrect plan version for user relationship
652238HRALEX: No standard address identification
651578HRALEX: Standard address not processed correctly
651386HRALX: New BP created when you change the address
648294HRALEOX: Error during integration with organizational unit
633237HRALEX: Deleting the business partner buffer
632879WF: Enhancing the workflow evaluation paths
624574Adjustment to new partner org management integration
617235EBP/CRM 4.0: Business partners are not generated
616183Corrections for the new HR integration
615896HR-ALX: Distribution models - Templates
613427General corrections to the new HR integration
525161HR-ALE distribution: House number field has the value 00000
312090Integration HR - EBP/CRM