Note 537066 - Installation of SystemUpdate.msi fails under SYSTEM account

Version / Date 12 / 2002-11-07
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Installation information
Primary Component BC-FES-INS Frontend Installation
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Problems with SAP GUI (empty screens, ActiveX files could not be instanciated) occur. In the SAPSETUP.LOG file of the installation you will find the following header entry:

   Executing user:     SYSTEM (Administrator)

and later in the same log file:

   Installation of MSI-package <path>\systemUpdate.msi failed,
   Error 0x643

Other terms

SAPSetup, systemupdate.msi, MSI, Windows Installer

Reason and Prerequisites

SAPSetup uses an MSI file to update the operating system with files from Microsoft. MSI files could not be installed under the local system account.

    1. Open SYSTEMUPDATE.msi with the tool Orca.exe form microsoft and add
    the property ALLUSERS with the value 1 to the property table

    1. Search for the line in the file "..\setup\sapsetup.xml" <src>&quot;%SAPSrcDir%\system\SystemUpdate.msi&quot;</src>
    and change it into
    <src>&quot;%SAPSrcDir%\system\SystemUpdate.msi&quot; ALLUSERS=1</src>
    1. Apply the SYSTEMUPDATE.MSI file under a different user account
    prior to installing SAP GUI.
    2. Use the Local Security Handling of SAPSetup and configure both the
    Distribution Service and Installation Service to run under 'real'
    (non-system) user accounts.
    3. Run the complete installation under a local administrator account.

Alternatively, you can download and unpack the file
"" (contains Microsoft files listed in "SysUpd.lst")
from the location
This is a substitute for "SystemUpdate.msi".
"SysUpd.txt" contains a description of how to update your
installation server.

Affected Releases
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