Note 520738 - M7072 with goods issue for order/reservation in MIGO

Version / Date 1 / 2002-05-16
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Program error
Primary Component MM-IM-GR-MIGO Goods Receipt from External Procurement (MIGO)
Secondary Components


You enter a goods issue with reference to the reservation or to the order in Transaction MIGO. During this process, you enter a special stock indicator V (Ret. Pkg w. customer) or W (Consignment (cust.)) and a customer. Although the customer was entered, error message M7072 "Enter a customer for special stock &" appears when posting.
In particular, after the implementation of Note 516306, the segment text can be transferred incorrectly if the goods movements were posted via the function modules MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT or BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE.

Other terms

MIGO_GI, SOBKZ, KUNNR, M7 072, WMMBXY, IDOC, MvT261, MvT501, MvT503, MvT551

Reason and Prerequisites

This problem is caused by a program error.


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