Note 458024 - BW objects cannot be processed (upgrade is running)

Version / Date 10 / 2005-03-30
Priority Correction with high priority
Category Program error
Primary Component BW-SYS Basis System and Installation
Secondary Components BW-WHM Data Warehouse Management


BW objects (InfoCubes, InfoObjects, and so on) cannot be processed.The RSO 840 message is issued:"The upgrade is already running - you are not able to change objects".
However, processing of the objects is necessary because they must be active for the conversion of the internal values (note 447341).

Other terms

RSO840, transport system, locked by transport system, upgrade

Reason and Prerequisites

This is a program error which prevents BW objects from being processed in the prepare phase of the upgrade.This check is provided in the prepare phase (tool import) with the upgrade.
This error only occurs when you upgrade from 2.x to 3.0A or 3.1C.With an upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0B, the program is already corrected in the tool export.
The error does not occur if the Support Package level of the source system is at least Support Package 20 for 2.0B or Support Package 12 for 2.1C. --


We recommend converting internal values before the upgrade as of 2.0B Support Package 25 (2.1C Support Package 17).In this way, you avoid the problem completely.
You can also check whether all InfoObjects, InfoCubes and ODS objects are active before the upgrade. In this case, the error does not occur.
However, if you have already started the prepare phase, you must proceed as follows:
Reset the upgrade as described in the relevant section of the upgrade guide. The BW objects are then no longer locked.
Repair or edit the required objects before starting with the prepare phase of the upgrade again.
Then restart the upgrade.While the error is imported into the system again, this time no changes to BW objects are required.
Alternatively, you can implement the correction specified below.By doing so, you will also still be able to change BW objects in the prepare phase.

Non-changeable systems during the prepare phase of the upgrade

Message RSO 840 can appear even after you import the corrections or after Support Package 20 for 2.0B or Support Package 12 for 2.1C, if the system is set to "non-changeable". In this case, the measures described in note 337950 do not work. This means that queries and other objects cannot be changed even if they were set to changeable as described in note 337950.
In this case, you must set the system to "changeable" if you have to change the BW objects even though the upgrade or prepare is running.

Affected Releases
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