Note 434562 - Determination and country of VAT registration number

Version / Date 6 / 2001-11-14
Priority Correction with low priority
Category Program error
Primary Component SD-BF-TX Taxes
Secondary Components


The symptom is the same as in Note 119680:
In the master data of a sold-to party, for each country a VAT registration number can be stored.When you create a billing document, the system should select the VAT registration number of the sold-to party which is relevant for the destination country of the billing document.

Other terms

VF01 VF02 LV60AF0K LAND1, UIN, tax number, KNAS, STCEG
VAT registration number, UST-ID

Reason and Prerequisites

The note is only relevant if the system should use the tax indicatorsand the tax number of the sold-to party and not that of the ship-to party or payer in the billing document.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :    , registration number, destination country, departure country, destination relevant, to   , copied according, according to , billing document, taxes  , number copied,

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