Note 434349 - Change of decimal places of currencies

Version / Date 29 / 2009-10-30
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You cannot subsequently use R/3 standard functions to make a consistent change to the number of decimal places of a currency in the R/3 system that is already operatively used because the system interprets all amount values in the database according to the number of decimal places of the reference currency that is defined in the system.
For a consistent change of the number of decimal places of a currency, you also have to change the corresponding amount fields for the currency. You can do this within the framework of a conversion project with SAP Consulting SLO (System Landscape Optimization).

Other terms

TCURX, currencies, decimal places

Reason and Prerequisites

The basic prerequisite for implementing such a solution is that the number of decimal places was NOT already changed subsequently in table TCURX or that this setting was not yet used in postings. If you have made a change in table TCURX, undo it immediately, since otherwise this change causes serious inconsistencies in the system that can only be corrected with extreme effort and mostly can be only partially corrected.


The SAP solution in the case of a decimal place change is the following: The processing of the currency itself and the corresponding amount fields differ according to the use of the affected currency in the system (as local currency or exclusively as transaction currency).

    1. For a currency that exists exclusively as a transaction currency or document currency in the system, you only have to rename the currency key to an alternative currency key. You can do so with the SAP SLO conversion service for currency key changes. The conversion occurs for all database tables in which currency keys have been defined. After renaming, you can recreate the now free currency key with another number of decimal places in the system. There is no conversion of the amounts in transaction currency because no reconciliation is possible for processing the rounding differences that may occur. After the conversion, you can handle the alternative currency key via the function of the currencies to be discontinued. This function enables you to still allow postings in this currency for a defined time period to be able to clear open items in this currency, for example. If foreign currency accounts exist, which can be posted exclusively in this alternative currency key, you can change the Customizing for these accounts. In this case, you should redefine the accounts as local currency accounts and you should define a validation for the posting that permits postings in old and alternative currency exclusively.

    2. In the case of a currency, which is used both as a local currency and as a transaction currency, you proceed as described under point 1 for currency fields and amount fields with transaction currency character. For currency fields and amount fields with local currency character, the amount fields are converted in accordance with the decimal place change. The currency key remains the same and is defined with the changed number of decimal places in the table TCURX. Rounding differences that may occur are displayed on rounding differences accounts that have to be especially specified (as in a reconciliation during an Euro local currency changeover).

A conversion service for the decimal place change exists for Release 4.0B, with at least Support Package SAPKH40B50 and without using IS-solutions, HR or Consolidation (FI-LC or EC-CS).

In other cases, you can implement the solution by combining different conversions (currency key change and general local currency changeover) and by Customizing adjustments within the framework of an SLO project.

In each case, the required effort can be compared to a local currency changeover to Euro.

If currency EUR is affected, the procedure described in Note 337358 provides a possible solution, provided that the Euro local currency changeover

  • was not yet performed or
  • is not required or
  • was already completed in the previous fiscal year.

For more information or analyses, proceed as follows:

    1. Create the report ZDSPLCUR in your production system.
    2. Execute this report in the background. The report has only read access to your data. It determines which currencies are used as local currencies in your system.
    3. Load the log of this report into a text file. Ensure that the entire log is included. This is the case if the last line is 'END OF LOG'.
    4. Send this log by e-mail to the contact person specified on SAP Service Marketplace under the quick link "slo" (e-mail to:
    Outline your problem in this e-mail: For which currencies, do the decimal places have to be changed in which way?

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