Note 420493 - Collective note: Cost center assessment performance COPA

Version / Date 3 / 2001-10-14
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Performance
Primary Component CO-PA Profitability Analysis
Secondary Components


The runtime of the cost center assessment into the result (Transactions KEUB - Plan Assessment and KEU5 - Actual Assessment) is too long, it uses too many system resources and/or generates too many documents in CO-PA. There is a large number of notes that refer to the subject, but whose structure is not transparent and it takes a long time to study them.

Additional key words

KEU5, KEUB, ALLOCATION, cycle, segment, cycle run group, performance, runtime, lock, lockwait, deadlock, parallel

Cause and prerequisites

This note serves as an initial reference to optimize the situation described in the 'Symptom' section. For detailed information you still need to refer to the notes. We recommend to follow the structure specified in the 'Solution' section and to go through the notes in the specified order. You should start with Note 79758, then you should know which section of this note is especially interesting to you.
The validity of the results of an assessment into the result is not the purpose of this note (for example, no receiver/sender, incorrect values).

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words : database selection, center assessment,

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