Note 403708 - Changing an IP address

Version / Date 5 / 2008-11-06
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Consulting
Primary Component BC-NET Network Infrastructure
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You want to change an IP address.

Other terms

IP address, IP configuration, network, TCP/IP ,ipconfig

Reason and Prerequisites

This note provides information about configuring the operating system.


Internally, SAP systems use host names to communicate. As a result, you should experience no problems when you change an IP address.

Theoretically, you only need to make changes at operating system level:
- /etc/hosts
- /etc/services
- DNS entries
- Routing tables

However, you should err on the side of caution and check the following in the SAP system:
- Transaction SM59, table RFCDES, also see
  Note 88346 for additional information
- Transaction SM55, if you are using IP addresses here, you must adjust them
- Transaction SM51, check for consistent host names
- Transaction SMLG, check whether the entries for the server groups have been created with IP addresses

Also ensure that changes are not only made in the affected system but in all SAP systems, clients, and external programs that communicate with the affected system in any way.

Outside the SAP system:
- saprouter, adjust the saprouttab to the changes
* If the saprouter receives a new address:
  You should inform us of this change (for sapserv3).
  Open a message on the 'xx-ser-net-chg' component
  and inform us of the address change.
- Adjust the IP addresses so that the service connection continues to function
- If you use an APO system, see Note

Depending on your system landscape and configuration, additional
relevant points may be added. This note does not claim to be complete.

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