Note 350361 - Release strategy for Add-On Assembly Kit (add-on AOFTOOLS)

Version / Date 37 / 2008-09-30
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Primary Component XX-PROJ-AAK Addon Assembly Kit
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This note concerns the planning of installations and upgrades of the SAP add-on AOFTOOLS.

Other terms

AAK, Add-On Assembly Kit

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0.    Change history
I. General information
II.   Overview
III.  Installations
IV.   Upgrades
V.    Combination with other add-ons

0. Change history

           Date.........Topic/Short description

  • SEP/30/2008....End of maintenance for 3.50 and 3.51
  • SEP/30/2008....Availability of AAK 4.00 on SAP Netweaver 7.0x and on SAP Netweaver 7.1x
  • SEP/30/2008....AAK delivery for customers or corporate groups via SAP Integration and Certification Center (ICC) instead of via System Landscape Optimization (SLO)
  • APR/07/2006...Availability of AAK 4.00, end of maintenance for 3.10 and 3.11
I. General information

SAP add-on installations can be installed only in certain SAP releases. AOFTOOLS can therefore only be used in the SAP releases listed in section II/1.

Before installing the add-on, remember that you cannot uninstall the add-on.

II. Overview
    1. Availability of AOFTOOLS

              SAP Rel.      Add-on rel.      Availability  Type  Maintenance end

              46C              AOFTOOLS 350_46C     no        CA     SEP/30/2008

              610               AOFTOOLS 350_610    no        CA      SEP/30/2008

              620               AOFTOOLS 350_620    no        CA      SEP/30/2008

              640               AOFTOOLS 351_640    no        CA      SEP/30/2008

              46C              AOFTOOLS 400_46C      yes    CA     still open

              610              AOFTOOLS 400_610      yes    CA     still open

              620              AOFTOOLS 400_620      yes    CA     still open

              640              AOFTOOLS 400_640      yes    CA     still open

              700, 701, 70x...  AOFTOOLS 400_700      yes     CA    still open

              710, 711, 71x...  AOFTOOLS 400_710      yes    CA    still open
CA: Controlled availability
You can obtain AAK via SAP Integration and Certification Center. See Note 929661 for details about the ordering process.

              III. Installations of AOFTOOLS

  • New installation AOFTOOLS 400
    Required SAP Basis/SAP Web-AS/SAP NetWeaver Releases:
    46C, 610, 620, 640, 700 (including the NW 7.00 EHPs) and 710 (including the NW 7.10 EHPs)
    Required Basis Support Package level:  SAPKB46C01 (for 46C)
    Material number CD:                          Request via ICC
    Installation and upgrade note:          921103
    Delivery date:                        06/2006
    See Note 929661 for details about the ordering process.
IV. Upgrades
    1. Upgrade of AOFTOOLS with Basis Release upgrade
    To upgrade an AOFTOOLS version with an upgrade of the Basis Release (in other words, during an upgrade to a new Basis, SAP Web AS or SAP NetWeaver Release), choose the upgrade option "Upgrade with SAINT Package" during the system upgrade for the add-on AOFTOOLS. The required AOFTOOLS upgrade data is contained on the corresponding AAK or AOFTOOLS installation/upgrade CD in the DATA directory.
    2. Upgrade of AOFTOOLS without Basis Release upgrade
    To upgrade an AOFTOOLS version without a Basis Release upgrade (in other words, without an upgrade to a new Basis SAP Web AS or SA NetWeaver Release), install a higher AOFTOOLS version on an existing version in the system. For example, you can install AOFTOOLS 400 on an AOFTOOLS 350 version that already exists in the system.

V. Combination with other SAP add-ons

A combination of AOFTOOLS with other add-ons is generally released.

Affected Releases
Software Component Release From Release To Release And subsequent

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