Note 340099 - Gross Value field not getting filled in the sales order

Version / Date 4 / 2002-03-26
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Consulting
Primary Component AP-PRC-PR Pricing
Secondary Components CRM-BF-TAX Tax DeterminationCRM-MD-BP Business Partners,CRM-BTX-BF-PR Pricing Interface


The field 'gross value' is not getting filled in the sales order and hence it is not getting passed to the internet sales (web).

Other terms

internet sales, customizing, IMG
BRTWR  : gross value
NETWR  : net value
FREIGHT: freight
MWSBP  : tax

Reason and Prerequisites

The field 'gross value' can be filled only by a customizing setting in the pricing procedure. If this setting is not done, then the gross value field will be initial.

The reason for this is that the program cannot know how the customer defines the 'gross value'. Therefore, the customer has to 'mark' the line of the pricing procedure, whose condition value will be taken as the 'gross value'.


In the customizing of the pricing procedure, an additional subtotal line (i.e. a line with no condition type) has to be included after the tax condition type.

To force that line to get the condition value as the sum of the cumulated net value and the tax value, use the alternate condition value formula (calculation formula; KOFRM) number '004'.

To transfer the condition value to the 'gross value' field, the 'sub-total' field (KZWIW) of the subtotal line must be set to '9' in the pricing procedure.

The net value field includes the freight charges also. To use a 'net value' that does not include the freight, please have a look at note 322079.


The standard pricing procedures as e.g. RVCEU1, RVCEU2 and RVCXUS are delivered via plug-in systems to R/3 customers who want to use CRM. These pricing procedures do NOT include any lines with KZWIW = '9' - as well as the standard R/3 pricing procedure RVAA01. Therefore, we recommend to copy the desired pricing procedure to the customer namespace and insert the necessary lines (see above). Of course, the new pricing procedure must be customized for the determination of pricing procedures to be found and used in the sales orders.

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