Note 331608 - DB2/390: DB13: Maximum 400 DD statements per job step

Version / Date 4 / 2000-10-04
Priority Correction with low priority
Category Program error
Primary Component BC-DB-DB2 DB2 for z/OS
Secondary Components


Image-Copy-Jobs generated from the DBA planning calendar (DB13) contain a maximum of 800 DD statements per job step.As a result, it is possible that the OS/390 TIOT table becomes too small and that the system does not execute the Image-Copy-Jobs, if the volumes have a high fragmentation.The system displays the following MVS system message:
IEF240I job name [procstep] stepname - TASK I/O TABLE EXCEEDS TIOT LIMIT OF xxxxK

Additional key words

DB2, MVS, OS390, planning calendar, DB13, backup, COPY, IEF240I, TIOT

Cause and prerequisites


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