Note 31986 - Brazil address: Incorrect format

Version / Date 11 / 2001-05-02
Priority Correction with low priority
Category Program error
Primary Component BC-SRV-ADR Address Management / Business Address Services
Secondary Components


Brazilian addresses are formatted incorrectly:

    1. All rows, except for the row with the postal code and city, appear with an indent of six characters to the right.
    2. The state is not taken into account.
    3. A blank line appears between the street and city.
Additional key words

Address, postal code, Brazil, T005S

Cause and prerequisites

Program error.
An incorrect or out-of-date template was used to code the country-specific address layout.

    1. The error with the indentation has been corrected as of Release 3.0F.
    2. The state is taken into account in formatting as of Release 4.0B.
    Documentation on address formatting in Release 3.0/3.1 gives the impression that the state has already been taken into account. However, this is only the case as of 4.0B.
    As of 4.0A the Brazilian states are shipped in the Customizing settings (Table T005S).
    3. As of 4.0B no blank line appears.

A preliminatry source code correction can be made, as described under advance corrections.
As of 3.0C, you can also use a customer exit to avoid making the necessary modifications to the standard system.
Refer to the related notes 40485 and, if necessary, 38922.

The "Normas de correio" issued by the Brazilian postal services describe two possible formats.
As of 4.0B, the following format is used in R/3:
Street House number
Postal code City - State
Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telegrafos
SBN - Quadra 01 - Bloco A
70002-900 BRASILIA - DF
(BRAZIL) <From abroad>

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