Version / Date 2 / 2000-06-25
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Customizing
Primary Component SV-SMG-SDD Service Data Download
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The attempt is made to transfer service data that was collected using Transaction SDCC, in another system (for example SAPnet R/3). The transfer job that was started for this terminates with the ABAP short dump TSV_NEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED in program SAPLBDL3 in function module BDL_SEND_DATA (LBDL3U10).
In the message log of SDCC, you only see as a last entry 'Data transfer started'. The data transfer traffic light does also not become green.

Additional key words

SDCC, data transfer, Service Data Control Center, EarlyWatch, GoingLive, service session

Cause and prerequisites

The transfer mode is set to SINGLE_RFC. You can confirm this by checking the table contents of table BDLCUST with the key SENDSTYL (using Transaction SE16).
Due to a program error you enter an endless loop that causes a memory overflow.


Set the transfer mode to MULTIPLE_RFC may set. To do this call up report BDLSETUP, enter the value SENDSTYL in the input field KEY and the value MULTIPLE_RFC in the input field VALUE - do not mark and execute the DELETE flag.
It may be necessary for ADDON data to carry out a deletion and a further collect+send, since such data cannot be sent separately. You can carry out the deletion of session data in the Data viewer (by double-clicking on the traffic light in the column Data coll.): select the ADDON data tree to be deleted and click trash.

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