Note 304418 - CATS: Short dump in CATS due to inconsistencies

Version / Date 44 / 2004-02-03
Priority Correction with low priority
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The note has been changed on February 03, 2004.
The note has been changed on December 13, 2002
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The note has been changed on February 05, 2002
The note was extended by case f).
If you also want to check CATS with regard to inconsistencies of the f) or g) type (see below), you should always check case f) or g) with cases a)-d) together.
For inconsistencies a) to d), the report may only run with restricted selection (thus only via certain personnel numbers). If you do not restrict the selection, the report runs across the entire CATSDB and causes a runtime error.
For inconsistency e), the report may also run across the entire CATSDB (that is, without restricting the selection via the personnel number or date).
SAP therefore recommends starting cases a) to d) specifically in a separate run across a certain personnel number. For this, parameter CASE_A_D should be set to 'X' and parameter CASE_E to ' '.
Case e) should always be carried out in a separate run (if you do not want to restrict the selection to a certain Here, parameter CASE_A_D has to be set to ' ' and parameter CASE_E to 'X'.
In CATS, you cannot enter any data for a personnel number, because a short dump occurs. (Exception see case e))
The cause of all subsequent terminations is an inconsistency in CATS. How these inconsistencies develop is not clear. It is neither possible to reproduce these inconsistencies.
SAP recommends, if one of the subsequent terminations have happened, that you run the subsequent report precisely across the It rectifies the inconsistency of the with the exception of case e) (see below).

Case a)
The termination occurred in ABAP/4 program "SAPLCATS" in
The main program was "SAPLCATS ".
Case b)
The termination occurred in ABAP/4 program "SAPLCATS" in
The main program was "SAPLCATS ".
Case c)
The termination occurred in ABAP program SAPLCATSTOOLS, precisely in CATS_SAVE_INTERFACE.
The error occurs if records on the CATSDB have been written via approval into the interface tables, however, the records themselves were not changed from status 20 to status 30. In addition the document numbers are missing for the Catsdb-records.
Case d)
Transaction CAT2 terminates in Form BUILD_ANCESTORS_TAB with message 'X030 An internal error has occurred'.
Cause: for the, a record exists in status 30 and a Refcounter on the CATSDB. The Refcounter unfortunately refers to a record with status 30 (other possible error cause: a record in a chain has an incorrect status).
However, it is necessary that all subsequent records of the chain have status 60.
Case e)
In table CATSDB, records exist with an identical document number (field BELNR). Such records do not cause a termination in Transaction CAT2. To correct the inconsistency, you have to delete the data records from the catsdb; which these are, however, must be decided from case to case. The report itself, therefore, does not rectify the inconsistencies (unlike cases a) to d)).
Case f)
In table CATSDB, a record exists in status 50 (Changed after approval). However, a new record (Status 10 or 20), which is linked to the record in status 50, is missing.
The Program changes status 50 to status 30 (Approved).
Case g)
In table CATSDB exists a record in status 60 (Cancelled). However, a new record (Status 30), which is linked to the record in status 60, is missing. The program supplements a record in status 30 by 0 hours or by the unit from the record in status 60.

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CATS, LR, 030

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This problem is caused by an inconsistency

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Key words : personnel number, table catsdb, termination occurred,

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