Note 301136 - Diagnoses displayed without texts in EIS reports

Version / Date 5 / 2000-05-10
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Workaround for missing functionality
Primary Component IS-H-IS-EIS Integration with Executive Information System
Secondary Components


The characteristics FHDIA (department main diagnosis) and KHDIA (hospital main diagnosis) cannot be displayed with texts in EC-EIS.

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Cause and prerequisites

In the sender structure RNEIS, no check tables are specified for fields FHDIA and KHDIA. This was not possible because table NKDI, which contains the diagnosis coding catalogs, also contains the language, that is not allowed as a characteristic in EC-EIS, in the key.
As a result, the necessary characteristics language and catalog cannot be attached to the two diagnosis characteristics.
Characteristics without check tables cannot be assigned to text tables in EC-EIS.


Important! Make sure Notes 300822 and 302570 are implemented in your system before you continue with the following steps!
Using Transaction SE11, create a database view with the name V_NKDI in your system. It must be created as follows:

  • Only enter table NKDI as a table;
  • Copy MANDT, DKAT and DKEY as view fields;
  • Do not enter any selection conditions;
  • The maintenance status should be set to access "read only".

After you have saved AND activated the database view, you can also assign it to fields FHDIA and KHDIA of structure RNEIS as a check table in Transaction SE11. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Search for component KHDIA under "Input help/check";
  • Position the cursor on the field and choose the pushbutton with a key symbol and arrow (foreign key);
  • Enter V_NKDI as a check table and fill the other fields as follows:

           Check table Chcktab.fld Forkeytab    Forkeyfld

           V_NKDI      MANDT      SYST          MANDT

           V_NKDI      DKAT        RNEIS        KDKAT   (DKAT in Release 4.02 + 4.03)

           V_NKDI      DKEY        RNEIS        KHDIA

  • Check and confirm the entries;
  • Also proceed as above for component FHDIA; as of Release 4.61, use FDKAT instead of DKAT for the catalog here.
  • Save and activate structure RNEIS.

You must now still make some changes in EC-EIS:

  • Remove the characteristics FHDIA and KHDIA from all reports (Transaction KCR2);
  • Delete the characteristics FHDIA and KHDIA from all aspects (Transaction KCA0); to do this, you must first delete the related database table CFxxx (xxx is the number of the aspect here);
  • Remove the characteristics from the field catalog (Transaction KCA5);
  • Reorganize the field catalog (Transaction OKCP);
  • Regenerate the text read modules (Transaction OKTG);
  • Include the characteristics FHDIA and KHDIA back into the field catalog, using table RNEISTRANS as a reference (Transaction KCA5);
  • Check whether the check table V_NKDI is found for the characteristics FHDIA and KHDIA;
  • For both characteristics, specify NKDI as the text table and DTEXT1 as the text field and DTEXT1 as the long text field;
  • Activate the field catalog and have the text read modules regenerated if prompted;
  • Include the characteristics back into the aspects (Transaction KCA0);
  • Check the transfer rules for the sender structure RNUEIS and enhance them if necessary for the characteristics KHDIA and FHDIA (Transaction OKCG);
  • Transfer the data again using the data retrieval program RNUEIS (Transaction KCE3);
  • Include the characteristics KHDIA and/or FHDIA back into the reports (Transaction KCR2)
  • Call up one of the changed reports (Transaction KCR3); the report should be generated during this step.

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