Note 30048 - Additional G/L account text is not transferred

Version / Date 12 / 2001-05-13
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Program error
Primary Component FI-GL General Ledger Accounting
Secondary Components FI Financial Accounting


RFBISA10 -> when transferring G/L account master data, the texts created for a G/L account are not copied from the "Extras" (master record).

Additional key words

RTEXT, Account assignment information, FS03, Extras, Transport, Transport

Cause and prerequisites

Table RTEXT is not supported in the source code.


Maintain it manually via a transport request:

Create a transport request in SE01 or SE09, respectively. Since you want to transport into another client within the same system, a dummy system must be specified as the target system and the transport type "T" chosen. Then insert the following line in the editor:
Text in chart of accounts (example: account number 400000, chart of accounts GKR, text ID 0001, language key D):
R3TR  TEXT  SKA1,0000400000GKR ,0001,D
Text in company code (example: account number 400000, company code ABCD, text ID 0001, language key D):
R3TR  TEXT  SKB1,0000400000ABCD,0001,D
Then save your entries.
To transport a number of (generically specified) texts, use report RSTXTRAN to write the individual text keys into a currection (see Note 3355).

Release 2.1, 2.2:
Use the RSTXR3TR program for the transport. You can find out the exact procedure by reading the accompanying program documentation.

Release 3.0:
Procedure as in 2.1, 2.2 or using the official transport system (see below).
Official transport system:
Release the transport request.
The import into the target client is analogous to the procedure described in note 13719. It is important that the target client is also specified when using the "tp import" command. Example:
"tp import P21K900123 client=007 P21 U4"
For more information, refer to notes 10491 and 18462.

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