Note 24560 - IS-H: Importing the postal codes - RNUPLZ00

Version / Date 13 / 2000-02-21
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Consulting
Primary Component IS-H-PM Patient Management
Secondary Components IS-H-BD Basic Data


For which versions of the postal code catalog can report RNUPLZ00 be used ?

Additional key words

Postal codes, version

Cause and prerequisites

Each version of the postal code catalog must be checked by SAP or IS-H.


The following versions of the postal code catalog can be imported using report RNUPLZ00:

    1. December 1994    - file G9412001.DAT, delivery date 9412, version 001 (character set:  ISO 8859-1)
    2. March 1995       - file G9503002.DAT, delivery date 9503, version 002 (character set:  IBM PC Multilingual 850)
    3. June 1995        - file G9506003.DAT, delivery date 9506, version 003 (character set:  printer SNI9014  IBM 850)
    4. September 1995   - file G9509004.DAT, delivery date 9509, version 004 (character set:  IBM PC Multilingual 850)
    5. December 1995    - file G9512005.DAT, delivery date 9512, version 005 (character set:  IBM PC Multilingual 850)
    6. March 1996       - file G9603006.DAT, delivery date 9603, version 006 (character set: IBM PC Multilingual 850)
    7. June 1996        - file G9606007.DAT, delivery date 9606, version 007 (character set: IBM PC Multilingual 850)
    8. September 1996   - file G9609008.DAT, delivery date 9609, version 008 (character set: IBM PC Multilingual 850)
    9. December 1997    - file G9712013.DAT, delivery date 9712, version 013 (character set: IBM PC Multilingual 850)
    10. Version 01/2000  - file G9912021.DAT, delivery date 9912, version 021 (character set: IBM PC Multilingual 850)

    The specification of the character set is not guaranteed. It simply represents the character set with which the postal codes were successfully imported to the postal table at SAP. You can obtain the valid character set at the address below.
    11. The exact version of an existing catalog can be seen at the start of the file.

    Note: If an existing postal code catalog is to be overwritten with a new version, you must make sure that manually inserted or changed data records are deleted from tables NPLZ and NPEZ before data is imported (remark: these data records have the characteristic value 'H' in field MODKZ). To this end, as of IS-H Release 4.61, RNUPLZ00 offers the option "completely delete old version".
    Manually inserted data records must be inserted again manually in tables NPLZ and NPEZ after the catalog has been imported!

You can obtain the postal code catalog from
Deutsche Post Direkt GmbH
Heinrich-Konen Straße 1
53227 Bonn

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