Note 216533 - FPL9: Debit/credit amounts in totals variants

Version / Date 1 / 2000-04-24
Priority Correction with low priority
Category Program error
Primary Component XX-PROJ-FI-CA Contract Accounting
Secondary Components IS-T-CA Contract Accounting,FS-CD Collections and Disbursements,IS-U-CA Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable


FPL9 account balance
The debit/credit amounts (field names: SBTRH, SBTRW, HBTRH, HBTRW) are not balanced as expected in the totals variants.
Example: The variant consists of the fields posting date / debits / credits. There is a debit item of 300 USD and a credit item of 100 USD on the same posting date.
The display looks as follows:
Posting date     Debits   Credits 24.04.2000       300      100
However, you expect a balancing:
Posting date     Debits     Credits 24.04.2000       200        0

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