Note 212246 - T500L: Organization of country groupings in SAP standard

Version / Date 40 / 2012-01-13
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Program error
Primary Component PY-XX-BS Bases
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You want to implement a customer-specific payroll for a country. For this, you require a country grouping and a cluster ID for saving the payroll results.

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Payroll, T500L, country groupings, molga, T500L_CUST, T52RELID, cluster

Reason and Prerequisites

The list of ISO codes is available at


Use the country grouping and cluster ID that is specified for your country in the table T500L.  This prevents complications in case cluster IDs that are not listed in it are used for other applications.
However, if SAP later decides to provide a standard delivery for your country, you may have to perform additional actions.
Therefore, you should create as much of your own source code as possible in customer-specific includes and in the customer namespace.  (For example, the payroll program, own wage types, functions, operations, and so on.)
To save the payroll results, always also use the international structure.  Adhere as much as possible to the example of the standard countries.  (That is, make your additions as you would for a standard country, but without the NATIO substructure; see structure PAY99_RESULT.)

In particular for older implementations, you can also use the international structure for Molga 99 and cluster RX for the countries. However, due to the better evaluation options, we recommend that you use T500L as the starting point for each (new) individual country version.

In Release 4.6C, country groupings and cluster IDs were defined for numerous countries in the T500L table. These definitions are also the basis for projects implemented in lower releases. Use these definitions, if you want to develop customer-specific payrolls. The non-numeric country groupings can be used as of Release 4.0 only.

If you require customer-specific clusters for data other than payroll results, use the name ranges reserved in the TRESC table.

To create an entry in the T500L view, as of Release 4.6C, you must use transaction PECLUSTER to enter the relevant cluster ID in the T52RELID table beforehand. In lower releases, you must define the cluster ID as a domain fixed value for the RELID_PCL2 domain.

The T500L table was enhanced with Note 540898. The additions were also added to the list below. You can use the additional T500L_CUST Customizing table to restrict your view of the T500L table.

With Note 608912, new cluster IDs were created and entered in the T500L table, the 'IS' molga was deleted, and the cluster ID for the 'TM' molga was corrected.

With Note 748954, the VG and VI country groupings were added to the T500L table.

With Note 1000674, the ME country grouping was added to the T500L table and the ISO code of the YU country grouping was changed to RS.

With Note 1022651 the RO country grouping was deleted and 61 was created instead.

With Note 1159850, the EH country grouping was added to the T500L table.

With Note 1052406 the GG, IM and JE country groupings were created.

When you implemented Note 1439023, the cluster ID was created and entered in T500L for MOLGA 57.

When you implemented Note 1485037, the cluster ID "MO" was created and entered in T500L for MOLGA MO.

When you implemented Note 1636283, the cluster ID SS was created and entered in T500L for MOLGA SS.

With SAP Note 1673076, the cluster ID PQ was created and entered in T500L for MOLGA PS.

Below, you find the table T500L with all 217 entries:

Country grouping Country ISO Cluster
01 Germany DE RD
02 Switzerland CH RC
03 Austria AT RA
04 Spain ES RE
05 The Netherlands NL RN
06 France FR RF
07 Canada CA RK
08 Great Britain GB RG
09 Denmark DK RM
11 Ireland IE IE
12 Belgium BE RB
13 Australia AU RQ
14 Malaysia MY RL
15 Italy IT RI
16 South Africa ZA RW
17 Venezuela VE VE
18 Czech Republic CZ CZ
19 Portugal PT RP
20 Norway NO RV
21 Hungary HU RH
22 Japan JP RJ
23 Sweden SE RS
24 Saudi Arabia SA AA
25 Singapore SG RR
26 Thailand TH TH
27 Hong Kong HK HK
28 China CN CN
29 Argentina AR AR
30 Luxembourg LU LU
31 Slovakia SK SK
32 Mexico MX MX
33 Russia RU UR
34 Indonesia ID IS
35 Brunei Darussalam BN BN
36 Ukraine UA UA
37 Brazil BR BR
38 Columbia CO CO
39 Chile CL CL
40 India IN IN
41 South Korea KR KR
42 Taiwan TW TN
43 New Zealand NZ NZ
44 Finland FI FI
45 Greece GR GR
46 Poland PL PL
47 Turkey TR TR
48 Philippines PH PH
49 Namibia NA NA
50 Lesotho LS LS
51 Botswana BW BW
52 Swaziland SZ SZ
53 Mozambique MZ MZ
54 Kenya KE KE
55 Angola AO AO
56 Zimbabwe ZW ZW
57 Netherlands Antilles AN AT
58 Croatia HR HR
60 Iceland IS IC
61 Romania RO RO
62 Slovenia SI SI
99 Other Countries 99 RX
AD Andorra AD AD
AE United Arab Emirates AE EM
AF Afghanistan AF AH
AG Antigua/Barbuda AG AG
AL Albania AL AB
AM Armenia AM AM
AW Aruba AW AW
AZ Azerbaijan AZ AZ
BA Bosnia-Herzegovina BA BA
BB Barbados BB BB
BD Bangladesh BD BD
BF Burkina Faso BF BF
BG Bulgaria BG BG
BH Bahrain BH BH
BI Burundi BI BI
BJ Benin BJ BJ
BM Bermuda BM BM
BO Bolivia BO BO
BS Bahamas BS BS
BT Bhutan BT BT
BY Belarus BY BY
BZ Belize BZ BZ
CD Democratic Republic of the Congo CD KO
CF Central African Republic CF CF
CG Congo CG CG
CI Ivory Coast CI CI
CK Cook Islands CK CK
CM Cameroon CM CM
CR Costa Rica CR CR
CV Cape Verde CV CV
CY Cyprus CY ZY
DJ Djibouti DJ DJ
DM Dominica DM DM
DO Dominican Republic DO DO
DZ Algeria DZ DY
EC Ecuador EC EC
EE Estonia EE EE
EG Egypt EG EG
EH Western Sahara EH EH
ER Eritrea ER ER
ET Ethiopia ET EI
FM Micronesia FM FM
FO Faroe Islands FO FO
GA Gabon GA GA
GD Grenada GD GD
GE Georgia GE GE
GF French Guyana GF GF
GG Guernsey GG GG
GH Ghana GH GH
GL Greenland GL GL
GM the Gambia GM GM
GN Guinea GN GN
GQ Equatorial Guinea GQ GQ
GT Guatemala GT GT
GW Guinea-Bissau GW GW
GY Guyana GY GY
HN Honduras HN HN
HT Haiti HT HT
IL Israel IL IL
IM Isle of Man IM IM
JE Jersey JE JE

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