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Payroll, T500L, country groupings, molga, T500L_CUST, T52RELID, cluster
country grouping, t500l table, country groupings, customer specific, payroll results

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1673076T500L: New country grouping for Palestine
1636283T500L: New country grouping for South Sudan
1485037T500L: New country grouping MO
1439023T500L: Incorrect cluster ID for MOLGA 57 (Netherl. Antilles)
1267618HRBG-HR_CEE Add-On: table records for BG (T500L, T52RELID)
1159850T500L: New country groupings EH
1052406T500L: New country groupings GG, IM, JE
1022651T500L: Incorrect molga for Romania; changing molga 47
1000674T500L: Change of MOLGA for Serbia and Montenegro
987717T500L: MOLGA UN renamed to 'Non-profit organizations'
748954T500L: new country groupings MOGLA VG and VI
644094T500L: 'Yugoslavia' renamed into 'Serbia and Montenegro'
608912Error in T500L: cntry grpng IS, TM / missing cluster IDs
577170T500L: same cluster ID for Qatar and Ruanda
540898T500L: new personnel country groupings MOLGA
407143DOC: Payroll processing of Puerto Rico
16466Customer name range for SAP objects