Note 178275 - Bitmap Indexes in Wrong Tablespace

Version / Date 7 / 2001-10-16
Priority Correction with low priority
Category Program error
Primary Component BW-SYS-DB-ORA BW ORACLE
Secondary Components BW-SYS-DB BW Database Platforms


The secondary (bitmap) indexes of an infocube's fact table are created in the default tablespace (PSAPFACTI or PSAPBTABI) rather than the user-defined tablespace. You are running an Oracle-based BW-system.

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Business Information Warehouse, InfoCube, Oracle, Fact Table, Secondary Index, Bitmap Index, User-defined Tabart, User-defined Tablespace

Cause and prerequisites

You are using an Oracle-based BW system. A special TABART (e.g. AAAA) and corresponding tablespaces for data (e.g. PSAPAAAAD) and indexes (e.g. PSAPAAAAI) were defined according to note 46272 in order to accomodate data and indexes of a specific infocube (e.g. ABC).

You might have one of the following two problems:
(1) When an infocube is initially defined and activated then the secondary indexes are built in the default tablespace.
(2) When you drop the secondary indexes of the fact table and recreate them using some of the methods described in note 115407 (data upload) then the secondary (bitmap) indexes end up in the default tablespace (PSAPFACTI or PSAPBTABI) rather than PSAPAAAAI.

The following solutions apply:

Ad (1):
This is known bug which, however, is of minor relevance as this occurs only when an infocube is initially activated. The first time when the indexes are dropped and re-created via BW functions (e.g. via the BW Admin Workbench or when loading data into the infocube) then they are created in the correct tablespace. Therefore simply drop and re-create the indexes via the BW admin workbench and you will get the indexes in the correct tablespace.

Ad (2):
If you are on BW1.2B-Patch22 (however not on an APO 2.0 system) or higher, on a BW 2.0A-Patch14 or higher, on BW2.0B-Patch08 or higher, then the tablespace (and other storage parameter settings) for an individual index can be set via SE14. The algorithm for determining the tablespace for an index is then:

    1. use tablespace defined by the user in SE14
    2. if not use tablespace derived from the TABART of the table (see above)
    3. if not use default tablespace PSABFACTI
    4. if the latter does not exist use PSAPBTABI.

If you set a tablespace for an individual index via SE14 then make sure that this tablespace really exists. If it does not exist then you will not be able to build your indexes via the BW Admin Workbench.
Please note that if you have changed any parameter in SE14 then all parameters are used from SE14, i.e. if you have changed the NEXT EXTENT parameter then the TABLESPACE parameter will also be used as set in SE14. Please refer to OSS note 335725 for more details.

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