Note 1691232 - Installing SAP HR renewal 1.0 on ERP 6.0 EHP6

Version / Date 6 / 2012-06-15
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Category Installation information
Primary Component BC-UPG-ADDON Upgrade Add-On Components (IS)
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You use the Software Update Manager (SUM) or transaction SAINT to install an add-on.

Other terms

SAINT, SUM, add-on, EA-HR 607, LSOFE 607, SAPK-607BHINEAHR, SAPK-607BHINLSOFE, CD51042837, CSN0120061532_0066220.PAT, CSR0120031469_0065497.PAT

Reason and Prerequisites

You want to perform an add-on installation on SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0.


This SAP Note is updated on a regular basis. Make sure you have the current version of this SAP Note before you start the installation.

  1. Change history
  2. Prerequisites for the installation
  3. Release with SAP enhancement packages
  4. Preparing for the installation
  5. Performing the installation
  6. Known errors
  7. After the installation
  8. Language support

1. Change history

Date Topic Short Description
13.06.2012 - Initial version
2. Prerequisites for the installation of EA-HR 607 / LSOFE 607
  • Uninstalling is not possible.
    Before you install EA-HR 607 and/or LSOFE 607, note that it is not possible to uninstall ABAP add-ons. Further restrictions concerning the upgrade and maintenance of your SAP system that are caused by the installation of an add-on are described in release strategy note 1691231.
  • Obtain the following SAP Notes before you begin the installation.

  • Add-ons: Conditions: 70228
    Release strategy note: 1691231
    Problems with transaction SAINT: 822380

  • Required release
    Enhancement Package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0 is a prerequisite for EA-HR 607 and/or LSOFE 607. The next section contains the relevant components and Support Packages.
  • Required components and Support Packages

    For EA-HR 607:

  • Component Release Support Package
    SAP_BASIS 731 SAPKB73103
    SAP_BW 731 SAPKW73103
    SAP_HR 604 SAPKE60448
    EA-HR 606 SAPK-60603INEAHR
    IW_BEP 200
    UI2_731 100
    UI2_SRVC 100
    UISAPUI5 100
    UI_INFRA 100
    For LSOFE 607:
    Component Release Support Package
    SAP_BASIS 731 SAPKB73103
    SAP_BW 731 SAPKW73103
    LSOFE 606 --
    If you have not yet installed the required Support Packages or enhancement packages, you can include them in the installation of EA-HR and/or LSOFE 607.
  • Restricting the possible source releases

    Caution: If the component ECC-VPACK is installed in your system, you CANNOT upgrade directly to Enhancement Package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0 together with EA-HR 607 and/or LSOFE 60. In this case, you must first import Enhancement Package 6 and then install the HR Renewal 1.0 add-on in a separate step.
  • Additional Component Support Packages

    The add-ons EA-HR and LSOFE do not contain modifications. You can also perform the installation if you have already imported more Support Packages into your system than are specified in the section 'Required Components and Support Packages'.
  • Additional information about the installation:

  • CD material number of add-on installation 51042837
3. Release with SAP enhancement packages
  • For information about the compatibility with SAP enhancement packages, refer to release strategy note 1691231.

4. Preparing for the installation
  • You are always required to use the Solution Manager maintenance optimizer when you install the add-on.
5. Performing the installation
  • You can install HR Renewal 1.0 when you install or maintain Enhancement Package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0.
  • The general procedure for installing the add-on is described in the "Administrator's Guide for HR renewal 1.0".
  • If you have already installed the required Enhancement Package 6, you can also install the add-on via SAINT. In this case, you also have to create a relevant stack.xml in the Solution Manager Maintenance Optimizer first.

6. Known errors
  • Currently, no installation errors are known.
7. After the installation
  • Delivery Customizing:
    Delivery Customizing is imported into client 000 and may have to be copied to other clients. For more information, see SAP Note 337623.
7. Language support
  • For information about which languages are supported, see the PAM (Product Availability Matrix).
  • All of the supported languages are contained in the add-on packages, and you do not need to import any additional language packages.
  • For information about subsequently installing further languages in your system, see SAP Note 195442.

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