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Component : Setup and Configuration of the Solution Manager system -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :
Basic Configuration, basic configuration, SAP Solution Manager
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Related Notes :

1913332Check Scope Assignment Block before allowing to delete Ibase
1887132MAI: Work mode managment does not work
1886549Flag TEMP_INACTIVE in table SMSY_SYSTEM_SAP wrong
1886344DVM: 'CMC_RFC_INTERFACE not found' (ST-A/PI 01Q SP1)
1875434Dump in Self-Diagnosis due to Resource Failure
1875419ST710:AI_CRM_IM_UPDATE_FROM_SAP has a long runtime
1871793HANADB should not create technical system Objects
1856234Missing sort string in Ibase text components
1855272SOLMAN_SETUP: admin user shouldn't modify S* profiles
1854317Update needed flag remains in managed system overview
1851723REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT no licence data generation
1849566Users without authorization see the installations
1849098Error handling in content synchronization
1849006All traffic lights grey in Solution Manager Configuration
1847398SOLMAN_SETUP: issue with the temporary connection to the BW
1844394Contact person cannot be entered via BP id directly
1837889VAR scenario: Unjustified deactivation of S users
1834983SMSY: Unexpected overwriting of system descriptions
1833865Avoid Obsolete Recipient Lists/Recipients during transport
1833412RFCs: BACK RFC destination removed from SMSY tables
1827161Duplicate client component
1826982IBase: Not authorized for initial object
1826109ITSM: Standard CRM authorization checks skipped for search
1824197STWB_2 - Test plan display requires re-logon
1821638Rule Policy on Multilevel Categorization
1820291Project Documentation tab flagged as changed in Template
1819525Self-Diagnosis job fails due to error in alert 234
1817266First row of functions table in Self-Diagnosis is not shown
1816471SE24: Error for POST methods for defined preferred parameter
1814977Missing Contact Person Role for Template Users.
1813914CCDB: ConfigStore bo40.dump_all_xml - SYSTEM_NO_ROLL
1813468Web Dynpro: Conversion for non-printable chars (NON-UNICODE)
1811558Extractors for HANA Database Analysis Workload
1810837BI Conetnt Activiation error in SolMan Basic Configuration
1805702solman_setup:update flag checked but no step needs update
1803874LMDB/IBase: Duplicate clients for dual stack systems
1802520DPW: Enhanced Error Handling in Data Loader
1801808Fields in SERVICE_H structure deleted after update from SAP
1801582Overwrite of template with Backup is not working
1800683Possible loss of data in Compare and Adjust
1797629E2E_HK_CONTROLLER report scheduled twice
1797388Web Dynpro: Conversion of non-prinatable characters
1796193New alert creation on manual notification/incident creation
1791436DVM GSS: Incorrect calculation of Content Coverage
1788486InfoProvider Settings not setup correctly
1788346MAI: Wrong calculation of deadlock, lock escalation
1788217JSM: job step print&archive parameters related issue
1787220Gap between template configuration and set scheduler table
1786378LMDB-MOPZ-API: Filter for customer product data
1784991Post-processing of SOLMAN_SETUP re-execute
1784936Transport Custom Metric Variants from one sys. to other sys.
1784446Custom Metric Variants were not copied during copy template
1783887Solman_setup: wrong client in the dropdown lists for RFC
1783860Wrong calendard date in Extractor AGS_DVM_TOPOBJ_EXTRACT
1783688Propagation still happens though it is switched off
1780509Select Options for Metric parameter values is not working
1780089No available RFC for system of DVM template configuraion
1779712SOLMAN_SETUP : BW Content activation fix
1779513Solman_setup:generic storage notif remove key/value from log
1779435System status details not expandable
1778300DPW: Short dump during data deletion
1777767Incomplete display of messages in component view
1777317DPW: No aggregation of daily values to monthly values
1775883GSS: unexpected dump when using webdynpro logon popup in GSS
1775643AI_SDK_SP_GENERATE_BP_V2: diverse corrections III
1775564Issues with BPMon Mirgration to SM 7.1 SP 5 or higher
1774582Configurable Auto-Notification for closed alerts
1774418POWL: Unnecessary refresh triggered when using query api
1774271GPA Fix incomplete transport request for Guided Procedure
1771378HANA Extractors for Solution Manager
1770638Working with Templates in different languages
1769570Function Moduel SMD_DATA_LOADER101 not found
1769053Instance Log Path not displayed for Hana
1768764TWB reporting displays incorrect test case status counters
1766608Activity status reset when using activity "navigation"
1765809SOLMAN_SETUP: status of java user step is wrongly warning
1765689SOLMAN_SETUP: Warning in managed system step 'Create Users'
1765074SOLMAN_SETUP: status of step users not updated
1764070Changing status in 'Connect managed system'
1763793POWL: Column headers are rendered incorrectly
1763274Select options: Error when deleting a parameter
1762967DPW: Overlapping records in DBH_CUBE_DATA
1762087SOLMAN_SETUP: message 'invalid date' when creating users
1761039Advance Corrections BPMon SM 7.1 ST710 delivered with SP08
1760744Add Diagnostics Relevant flag in LMDB for Solution Manager
1759409POWL: Dump when "enable default lead selection" is ON
1758772Edit button is missing in details assignment block
1758728"Active" selection of product versions is removed
1758150CCDB: Extraction for local system failed
1756468User can't create task in issue dialog
1755568BPMon attached to tech. interfaces: Copying does not work
1755389Metrics: "Number of Exceptions in Domain Log" is grey
1755356Self-Diagnosis: Dump in Root cause analysis
1755218Scope dependent parent step not accessible in solman_setup
1755049Unable to create RFC with SAP router
1754672Correction for DVM Template creation
1754637DVM Setup: wrong navigation link
1754275Wrong message 'RFC SM_XXXCLNTnnn_BACK does not exist'
1753985Downloaded XML data for Root Cause Analysis is not correct
1753639Adding the "Scenario Operations" button on Define scope step
1753587"No Scope Selected" message although a scope is selected.
1753209SOLMAN_SETUP ITSM 2.2 Incident/SR Templates - wrong types.
1753107Fixing context's loss when executing an automatic activity.
1752517Managed system configuration - warning in step 7 create user
1752181Grey metrics in Technical System Monitoring
1750994Alert/subalert name/id are missing in XML generation
1750618RFC destinations created in SMSU_MANAGED_SYSTEM not delete
1749795DPW: Housekeeping does not finish
1749788Correction - Housekeeping Settings of Data Volume Management
1749774Request popup opens, eventhough template saved under $TMP
1749374Creation of I-Objects: Incorrect message type in appl log
1748192DBA: Validity Fallback Is Not Evaluated
1748138POWL: Unnecessary update of detail area
1747859Create or Update Administrator from Connect Managed System
1746625Extended Search in Business Process Repository does not work
1746103Solution Manager: Turning Configuration Step Status to Grey
1745942DPW: Cube Aggregation Memory Usage
1745934Dump in Self-Diagnosis during transfer of alerts
1745879Failed to get RTCC recommendation due to RFC call failure.
1745794Data Collectors corrections ST-A/PI 01P* SP0
1745716issue with EFWK RESOURCE MANAGER report scheduled twice
1745114DBA: Dump in CL_DBA_DBH_CUBE_DATA
1744895Warnings during configuration
1743949Corrupted automatic service report sent via notification
1743632RFC for SAP Solution Manager is not persisted
1743244POWL: Better description needed in query template dropdown
1742435LMDB: Confirmation error when creating a product system
1741525VAR: Multiple nodes per customer in IBase
1741470WD ABAP ALV error when context changes are dispatched
1741270Fix for enteprise manager upgrade from ehp1 to SP5
1741080no/wrong metrics collected on SMD Agent assoicated to DB
1740896Dump during validation of full qualified host name
1740720CCDB: Incorrect 'Customizing change detected' message
1740545Categories trigger entity data change
1740375Incident creation fails in Test Workbench or Help Menu
1740217Note Post Processing not enabled in solman_setup
1739631Service delivery session information not updated accordingly
1739620Update Content Step Display Fixes
1739161Collective corrections for the MEA Directory SP5
1738600Activate BI Content for DVM
1738511Editing MS Office documents in SAP Solution Manager
1738276DSA: Word creation dumps caused by memory lack
1737700AI_CRM_CPY_PROCTYPE: PPF containers missing from transp.req.
1737668Data not re-organized after upgrade
1736972BI Callback user is created even if BW is local
1736800Apply Delivery Fixes
1736740SOLMAN_SETUP:java user manually maintained might be in error
1736448Dump in Self Diagnosis due to duplicate keys.
1736425Technical Scenario DUAL_STACK: MaxLen violated
1736368Error in 'Replace Service Definitions' activity
1735355AI_CRM_CPY_PROCTYPE: Error on the selection screen 1000
1734897Upgrade SP05/06/07:Error in maintenance project & lifecycle
1734821E2E Alerting: Enable Metric Filter for Tablespaces
1734464SOLMAN_SETUP: notes to be checked are wrong
1734314SolMan Usage correction
1734250POWL: Error in detail area update
1733843Solman_setup : Deactivate LMDB Notifications
1733236Advance Corrections BPMon SM 7.1 ST710 delivered with SP07
1732508Create Transport Request Fails with Package Checks
1732144Wrong count of used metric instances
1731879Activate BI Content for INCIDENT and CHARM,and BPO DASHBOARD
1731787Solman Setup - Add warning on RFC Step Managed
1731652SMD Agent does not receive a role within role configuration
1731400IM: IObject search help returns too many results
1730457VAR: Texte werden nach Austausch mit SAP verdoppelt
1729874secure storage doesn t authorize bpmon
1729753ST710: ITSM Beleg nach Sichern von eigenem User gesperrt.
1729591Error: No Long Name Found in SMD_HASH_TABLE for Hash-ID
1728717Mass Activation of templates
1728712Updating Role Actions.
1728631Extraktoreinplanung für ALM und ASR
1728062INC step 2.2: new entries are not being saved
1727976Error in setup of Database Perf. Warehouse for local DB
1727730SOLMAN_SETUP: BW host name provided in uper case cause dumps
1727233[SP5]Issue with: Check User for Data Collection
1726772Solman_Setup:Avoid activation of Gateway
1726424Connection failed (RTE:[2] too many database sessions active
1726313Removing "Configure Gateway" Step from System Prep.
1726154Notif popup is displayed for solman_setup managed sys host
1726133Incorrect calculation of used workload objects
1725917SOLMAN_SETUP: user UI with CUA dumps when a user is selected
1725586Cannot edit Product System from Solman Product System POWL
1725434Landscape LMDB wrapper SP5 related corrections
1724989Removing an Activity from step 4 in SAP IT Infra. Mngt.
1724761Business Process Monitoring attributes missing in solution
1724494Short dump occurs during change configuration in alert inbox
1723998Removing Roles from Create Scenario Config. Users step.
1723149User/Role missing documentations in Sys.Prep & Basic Conf.
1722791Changes by Compare and Adjust on transaction tab are lost
1722197Where-used list for logical components is incorrect
1722178TwinCube reorganization does not work
1721598Outside Discovery: Improvement to fill missing HANA props
1720336Correction to priority when creating automatic incidents
1719926Subject gets lost during incident creation
1719578Fallback language text for Managed Obj., Scn.type & Category
1719337SOLMAN_SETUP: issue when the user SOLMAN_ADMIN update itself
1719142Problems solved with ST 710 SP06
1719016SOLMAN_SETUP: obsolete roles still added to users
1718522Customizing table SMCRM_CUST_APPL - General corrections
1718041Lock is persisted in solman_setup after navigation via URI
1717888Issue Management: bad performance in context and task tab
1717583Wrong behavior with JAVA roles assignment in managed systems
1717403Collective Note for Extractor FWK - ST710
1717355Select Client step issue in BP Monitoring Setup Scenario
1716966Wrong Profile Parameter Check in solman_setup transaction
1716428Hide TAO Configuration User In Step 7 Of Basic Configuration
1716350Check RTCCTOOL on Solman System
1716300Bug fixes for LMDB notification cleanup
1715675Content upload: missing logical components
1715663Activity 'Extractors Setup' displayed in host setup scenario
1715661Collective Note for SoDocA on ST 710 SP05
1715620Search result not in visible area for table tree
1715482Update flag is missing for automatic BW activities
1714900Check of users and roles when the CUA is inactive
1713141'Product System Name' not translated in non-english system
1712878Technical Host returns grey metrics
1712653Error in ITSM extractor for SLA calculation
1712597Bug fixes for the LMDB change message
1712468DBA: Outside db discovery support for virtual hostnames
1712091CRM WebUI scrolls top on roundtrips
1711832LMDB Product System Verification showing wrong Proposals
1711748Improvement of Report RLMDB_ADD_GUIDS
1711380External Service Desk interface: Texts are duplicated
1710578Wrong user for ESR BI content activation
1710453Error in test program SVCP_SINGLE_MESSAGE_TEST
1710384WD ABAP ALV performance improvements
1710170SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics Software Prerequisites
1709694Bad Performance of Issue Management Functions
1709230Frequency adjustment ignores attribute extractor runtime
1708992AI_CRM_CPY_PROCTYPE: Missing action conditions
1707897LMDB: Enhancement of LMDB-MOPZ Interface for HANA
1707863Alert Mgmt reporting: Too much data in time scale cubes
1707803DPC: Grey metrics due to "Agent not registered" message
1707791Text correction for DVM_TMPL_BASIS
1706339TWB BI reporting extraction: Insufficient load frequencies
1705790Agents on-the-fly checkbox not saved in solman_setup 7.1SP05
1704858Upgrade Dependency Analysis (UDA) Usage - false date
1703150Corrections for EEM 7.1 SP05
1703098Advance Corrections BPMon SM 7.1 ST710 delivered with SP06
1702711Adjustments for Solution Manager update as of 7.1 SP 5
1700427MaxDB: Potential corruption of DB release in DB6NAVSYST
1700043E2E Alerting: Missing Metrics for Oracle, DB2 LUW and HANA
1698841DVM: Activation of the Top Objects Extractor
1697052WDA: Link in FormattedTextView causes a dump
1696526Test workbench requests login to local system
1696061Performance Improvement for Service Sessions in DSWP
1694458SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN:Select Countries not Cleared/Refreshed
1687765Displaying tab page for RDS in project administration
1685463Cycle: Missing authority check for cycle creation button
1682750FormattedTextView: Unexpected characters (such as )
1682370POWL: Removal of "Reapply Table settings" functionality
1681889Notification table update for SP5/SP4/SP3/SP2
1679740Navigation on scope tab page during scenario comparison
1679697POWL: Selection criteria ignored during POWL rendering
1678162Solution Manager Setup: Performance when copying roles
1673201POWL: Row selection lost on Single/Multi selection modes
1672297UIU:NO_EMP_FILTER parameter hidden in AccountSearchHelp (2)
1667854eCATT: extensions to BADI_RELENG_IN_ECATT for external tools
1666650SM-TSTR: Bug in version retrieval of the SM-TSTR interface
1664509POWL: Issues with refresh when RefreshAll option is active
1664132Problem in case-sensitive creation of destination (type G,H)
1659705Consolidating note for issue pertaining to Employee BP
1659631Searching BP with Chinese characters
1658536Bug Fix in CL_CIM_DATETIME
1655832Error when determining status of nested model attributes
1655599FPM search comp: Initial search data not displayed
1655577FPM: IDR: Initialization of side panel
1655460FPM search comp: Program termin with attribute with OVS help
1655203IR: OLTP Reports with Status Filter show no results
1654623Problems when copying custom templates
1653635New HANA Extraktors for BASIS SP10;SP11 and some corrections
1652475DB6: Usernames, Password and Port Numbers Lost in DBCON
1649297Corrections for unified rendering 702/11 II (UR-Mimes)
1649247Corrections for unified rendering 702/11 II (ABAP-Renderer)
1649228POWL: Change in lead selection not considered
1645356DB6: User and Password Should Not Be Read-Only for Local DB
1643760No target namespace when settung up LMDB
1643247Creating template projects in the work center
1641006FPM search comp config editor program termin. :CX_WD_CONTEXT
1612603ORA: Mandatory connection parameter 'DBNAME' not specified
1608457EarlyWatch Alert Session Not Sent To SAP
1599582Plugin Status Details - Delete sp_level check for ST-A/PI
1579462Sending data from chart item without check to IGS
1576693Source code corrs: Interactive reporting/IT Performance Rep.
1572183Authorizations for SAP Solution Manager RFC users
1559499DPC data providers as of ST-PI 2008_1_XX SP4
1552978SL Reporting: Downtimes can no longer be maintained
1535611Missing authorization check in ST-PI
1488293Short dump occurs when creating service req. from template
1457391Bad Performance while accessing table IBST.
1365796IPv4 Host name resolution on Failover Cluster Server 2008
1297738To allow CTC APIs to add Non BW system to BW system
1233384Solution Manager Service Desk for ISVs
1094074Unnecessary Authority Check in CRM_DNO_MONITOR
1011229ST-PI: Corrections for E2E Diagnostics