Note 1636252 - Installing a 7.20 kernel in SAP Web AS 7.00/7.01/7.10/7.11

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words

7.20, 7.20 EXT, 720_EXT, AKK, DCK, Downward-Compatible Kernel

   ,\usr\sap\< sapsid>,instance profile>,drive> \usr\sap\<,downward compatible,sapjvm directory>,application server,service marketplace,instant client,compatible kernel,operating system,following commands,kernel patches,\sys\profile\< instance,sapsid> \sys\profile\<,systems  ,newkernel> sapcar,enhancement package,newkernel> \sapcar,sapsid> \sys\exe\<,stack systems,support packages,instance> worksapcpe,additional application,lst   ,  sapcpe,sapjvm  ,profile> source,server instance,  rdisp,kernel maintenance,central monitoring,20ext7 20ext ,  usage,classicuserconcept value,envvar classicuserconcept,instance> \worksapcpe,starting kernel,  addenvvar,addenvvar envvar,primary application,files rfcexec,patch level,patch levels,oracle instant,application servers,kernel directory,product release,please refer,following command,release which,specific information,platform specific,still running,information about,  installation,  iseries,system releases,double stack,typeleng inconsistent,standalone gateway,linux windows,start profiles,additional programs,central instance,command  ,relevant local,exist  ,stack system,download catalog,local executable,power linux,intel itanium,\sys\exe\< uc|nuc>,stack kernel,details refer

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