Note 1625288 - Canton VD, contrib "PC Famille" as of 10/2011 (delivery)

Version / Date 1 / 2011-09-21
Priority Correction with low priority
Category Legal change
Primary Component PY-CH Switzerland
Secondary Components PA-PA-CH Switzerland


On October 1, 2011, a new cantonal law comes into effect in the canton of Vaud (VD) ("Loi sur les prestations complémentaires cantonales pour familles et les prestations cantonales de la rente-pont" (LPCFam).
Among other things, the law regulates supplementary benefits for families ("PC Famille") and benefits to bridge the time until the AHV (old-age and survivors' insurance, OASI) pension ("Rente-pont AVS"), as well as their financing.
To finance these benefits, employers in the canton of Vaud must transfer a new employee's contribution and employer's contribution of respectively 0.06% (= 0.6 per mille) of the AHV-liable wage to the compensation fund as of October 1, 2011.
This note documents the relevant delivery for the calculation of these contributions.

Other terms

Payroll Switzerland
Canton of Vaud
Financing of supplementary benefits for families in the canton of Vaud
"PC Familles"
"Loi sur les prestations complémentaires cantonales pour familles et les prestations cantonales de la rente-pont"
"loi cantonale sur les PC Familles et la rente-pont AVS"
"rente-pont AVS"

Reason and Prerequisites

Legal changes in canton Vaud (VD)
This affects employers in the canton of Vaud only.


Import the HR Support Package for your release or implement an appropriate change delivery process (CLC) (see Note 1625291). The delivery cannot be implemented via SNOTE.
Before the first settlement, perform the following manual postprocessing steps.

Contents of the delivery

  • New wage types (view 'V_T512W'):
    • /47G ("PC Fam VD contrib. ER", "PCFam ER")
    • /47H ("PC Fam VD contrib. EE", "PCFam EE")
  • New payroll parameters (view 'V_T511K'):
    • VDPFG "Cont.rate PC Fam VD ER (pMl)"
    • VDPFN "Cont.rate PC Fam VD EE (pMl)"
  • New application key SI (view 'V_T5CS4'):
    • (KFO,VDPF) "Cont.f.financ. PCFam(Ct.VD)"
  • Sample Customizing
    • Posting characteristics of the new contribution wage types
  • Changes to the SI calculation
    • Simple calculation of the contribution by multiplying the OASI-liable period wage (wage type '/415') with the contribution rates and saving it in the new contribution wage types (new entry in view 'V_T5CS1' for application key ('KFO','VDPF') ).
      Note: The transfer of the new employee's contributions for net wages (for example, using the model wage type 'M101') and consideration in the clearing of third-party payments with gross up (for example, using the model wage type 'M602') is not supported.
    • Log of the contribution calculation in the payroll function 'CHSV ALL'.
  • Adjust IMG step "Payroll: Switzerland -> Social Insurance -> Annual Adjustments -> Cantonal Additional Assignments Vaud (VD)".
  • Adjust the application key text of the application key Switzerland 'KFO'.
    Old text: "Compensation Fund VD"
    New text: "Cantonal Contribs to CF (VD)"

    Note the following: The change of the text does not have a technical effect on the calculation. The change of the text appears to make sense because the contribution the compensation fund is only one of four statutory payments that are grouped together under the key "KFO". All statutory payments have in common that they are levied in canton Vaud and paid to the compensation fund.
    (KFO,AKB)  "PA Compensation Contr. VD" (already exists)
    (KFO,AKB)  "PA Compensation Contr. VD" (already exists)
    (KFO,KTK)  "Day-Care Center ContributionVD" (already exists)
    (KFO,VDPF) "Cont.f.financ. PCFam(Ct.VD)" (new with this note)

  • Adjustment of the title of the Customizing activity under Social Insurance -> One-Time Adjustments -> Payroll Units:
    Old text: "Maintain Details per Payroll Unit KFO Vaud"
    New text: "Maintain Details for Each Payroll Unit for Canton of Vaud"

Manual postprocessing activities after import

  • Maintain the posting characteristics of the new contribution wage types (wage types: '/47G' and '/47H', views: 'V_T52EZ', 'V_T52EL').  Client 000 contains the sample entries for comparison.
  • Note the following:
    • The new application key SI is assigned to the existing application key Switzerland 'KFO' and therefore reuses the existing payroll units 'KFO' (view 'T5CSK') and the characteristic for the determination of the payroll unit 'KFO' ('CHFIS').
      As a rule, you therefore do not require any other adjustments in Customizing for the payroll units 'KFO' for controlling the liability. After importing the HR Support Package or CLC, the system calculates the new contributions for a new employee for payroll periods as of and including 10/2011 if the other cantonal contributions for Vaud grouped together under the application key Switzerland 'KFO' are also calculated (in other words, relevant to the value in the field "Grouping SI" of the payroll unit 'KFO' as described in Note 1001526).
    • If you have already complete the payroll period 10/2011 after the import, execute a forced retroactive accounting run back to October 01, 2011 for the affected employees to pay the contributions subsequently including 10/2011 if required.

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