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Planning and Consolidation 7.5M SP06, resolved issues, installation instructions, upgrade instructions, central note
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1618485Scheduled publish book is not working
1618483BPC for Excel download templates in non-english
1617008Park N Go and 'No connectivity'
1614143Error when processing large dimension
1614111Problem with dimension name size of more than 16 characters
1614110EVDRE expands across sheets in the wrong order
1614109Dimension property lowercase name displays in print sheet
1613829Security problem with the task profile SetWorkStatus
1613828Offline Distribution Wizard - Type Mismatch error
1613827BPC can add domain-user in a specific AD environment
1613826Sign for HALFYTD measure on EXP type account
1613824Cannot paste large script logic into LGL file
1613823Validation error of similarly named logic scripts
1613756Version of Amyuni pdf to use with 64-bit Windows Client
1613755Error when processing script logic
1613754Request of validation from import dimension from SSIS PKG
1613753EVBNV Function is not working correctly
1612708Correctly show the dimension member in BO Universe reports
1612707Correctly run the import package through FIM
1609592Dialog boxes disable Internet Explorer 9
1608076Client Diagnostic shows 'Excel 2007'
1608074Agent user can execute 'ServerDiag.exe' in a 64-bit envir
1607307BPC Client patch version is applied correctly
1607202Russian client eSubmit menu is blank
1601640Drill-through in Web mode supports large query string
1599016BPC client can be updated with SOX
1594477Error opening a file over 4 MB in the content library
1594473Support for configuring the member ID format in Analyzer
1594395EPM Connector ODBO connection performance is improved
1592819Decimal separator is correctly maintained by ParkNGo
1591853Performance of refreshing in Input Schedule report
1591827Can use BASEMEMEBERS with multi 'AND' in MemberSet Filter
1591758EVDRE which include block expansion works well.
1591315'CALC_DUMMY_ORG' works with upper and lowercase letters
1591145Custom menu works with 'MNU_eData_SELECTPACKAGE' correctly
1591137Correctly concatenate two words in script logic
1590833Can see the history of running scheduled jobs
1590771SSIS package performance is enhanced in 64-bit environment
1590770Ability to load a template as the first page for Excel
1590769Data Manager packages of SQL type are not supported
1590768Cannot modify the schedule of a noncurrent application
1590767*MVAL function does not consider the header columns
1590766Data Manager temp files remain in the source file folder
1590663'<>' syntax in Allocation logic generates incorrect data
1590620COUNT statement for allocations in script logic
1590616Size of the PARENTHx Column of the MBR table is reduced
1590580'ExpandAll' function error if CellKeyRange is empty
1590104Excel crashes with invalid EVRNG range values
1590101CellKeyRange moves columns to the left
1590085Cannot modify cell format of "EV4Journal.xlt" template
1590084Send button is not active when linking template with EvHOT
1590083Dimension property lowercase name is not displayed in print
1590032Data Preview button is not available during file upload
1589599'Open Dialog' does not keep the column header width
1589596Lite optimization does not roll back if it fails
1582525CTS+ Integration for SBOP PC MS 7.5 and 10.0