Note 1540040 - SEPA payment medium formats since November 01, 2010

Version / Date 21 / 2012-12-10
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Legal change
Primary Component FI-BL-PT-FO payment forms
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As of November 01, 2010, there are new SEPA payment mediums:

  • Credit transfer (bank transfer) on the basis of pain.001.001.03 (ISO 20022)
  • Direct debit (bank transfer) on the basis of pain.008.001.02 (ISO 20022)

In the relevant implementation guides of the European Payments Council (EPC), these are called Version 4.0 and (for B2B direct debit) Version 2.0.
The various national bank associations have already implemented these new versions, usually with their own XML namespace and their own version names.  For example, the central loan committee (ZKA) or the EPC specifications for Germany refer to a pain.001.002.03 bank transfer and a pain.008.002.02 debit memo. It is expected that the new version will gradually replace the previous version.

Other terms

CstmrCdtTrfInitn, CstmrDrctDbtInitn

Reason and Prerequisites

Further developments in the ISO 20022 standard were applied by the EPC and the national bank association and implemented in their own standards.
Before you implement this SAP Note, you must have implemented SAP Note 1360908 for SEPA_CT and SAP Note 1401975 for SEPA_DD.

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