Note 1480453 - Warning for currency changes

Version / Date 1 / 2010-10-06
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Program error
Primary Component FI-GL General Ledger Accounting
Secondary Components


Changing, deleting, or adding an additional local currency in
a company code (OB22) may result in critical errors.
If additional local currencies are modified in a productive system, you may no longer be able to clear or pay already posted documents. Also, a system standstill may occur.  In addition, postings of irreproducible exchange rate differences may occur. Data reconciliation can no longer be guaranteed.

Currently, the user is notified of this change only by a warning. Neither the warning nor the long text refer to possible consequences of the change.

These errors may occur even if you only change the valuation.

Such a change should only be performed if you also perform a currency changeover for all documents at the same time.

Other terms

Transaction OB22, subsequent change, additional currency, document splitting, New G/L, currency changeover


To prevent any changes to additional currencies, the user is to be warned of the consequences of these changes.

Various messages are issued for this purpose.

|Manual Pre-Implement.                                                 |
|VALID FOR                                                             |
|Software Component   SAP_APPL                      SAP Application   |
| Release 500          Until SAPKH50023                                |
| Release 600          Until SAPKH60018                                |
| Release 602          Until SAPKH60208                                |
| Release 603          Until SAPKH60307                                |
| Release 604          Until SAPKH60407                                |
| Release 605          Until SAPKH60501                                |

Maintain the texts in the report

In report L0F03, maintain the texts 030-034.

These should look as follows:

030 Yes
031 No
032 Warning
033 Do you want to change the currencies despite recommendations?
034 You are about to change additional currencies. Are you sure?

Maintain the long text for FC 360

Enter a long text in message class FC for message 360.
To do this, enter the message class, switch to change mode, select the message, and choose Long text.

Enter the following text:
                    Before you continue, read this text carefully.

                    If you do not observe this note, you may cause irreparable damage to your system by executing this transaction.

                    & CAUSE&

                    You are about to change additional currencies for a company code. If transaction data exists in the system or target system of the Customizing transport, this results in inconsistencies in the currencies.

                    & SYSTEM_RESPONSE&

                    Depending on the settings, this may result in a system standstill. For example, follow-on processes may point to existing data, which no longer correspond to the changed settings, and which may then not be posted.

                    Additional consequences are possible (for example, irreproducible exchange rate differences, no option to reconcile data, and so on).

                    & WHAT_TO_DO&

                    Contact SAP if changes are required.

Create a dialog text

Use transaction SE61 to create a new dialog text.
Enter the name 0F03_CURT_WARNING. This dialog text must be assigned to package FB0C.
The dialog text must be identical to the long text of the message specified above.
Copy this text and remove the key words.

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