Note 1431752 - Oracle 10.2.0: Patches/Patch Collections for

Version : 43 / 2013-08-15


Oracle Extended Support

If you want to download Oracle patches, please see SAP Hot News note 1654734 first. That note provides important information about a new download policy valid in the Oracle Extended Support phase.

Migration of Oracle Patches on the SAP Support Portal

Due to legal reasons the Oracle patches on the SAP Support Portal must be migrated from their current location, the "Database Patches" area located at, to the SAP Software Download Center at That migration affects also the names of the Oracle patches provided on the SAP Software Download Center, both for the Unix and the Windows platforms.

Oracle will migrate its patches to the SAP Software Download Center according to the following schedule: Patchday February 2013 Patchday May 2013 Patchday June 2013

For more information about the migration process, see SAP Note 509314.

Oracle Database Patches for for SAP

This note describes which patches for Oracle Database release are released for SAP. All the patches mentioned in this note need to be installed to ensure that the SAP system functions properly.

To download Oracle patches from the SAP Support Portal follow the path below:
  -> Oracle Patches (in the right-hand side info page)

The next updates for this note are scheduled for the following dates:

   no further regular SBP for scheduled

Please note, CPUJul2013 will be the terminal PSU/CPU for the Oracle release The CPUJul2013 is scheduled within the SAP Bundle Patch (SBP) SAP10205P_1308 in August 2013.

Besides those scheduled updates this note will change in exceptional cases only.

Other Terms

Oracle Release
Patch Set Update / PSU
SAP Bundle Patch / SBP

Reason and Prerequisites

You must apply the SAP Bundle Patches on Unix/Linux or the patch collection on Windows. For more information, see Note 839187.

To apply the current SAP bundle patches or the patch collection, you must follow the instructions of the corresponding README.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

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