Note 1240722 - SAP APO 7.0: Corrections to Online Documentation

Component : Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling - Flexible Order Transactions

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :

pieces, scheduling agreement, availability check, demand periods, follows, service parts, advanced planning, quota arrangement, quantity assignment, phantom assembly, parts planning, system checks, maximum allowed, planning version, material number, information about, supply shortage, forecast model, management approval, goods receipt, system continues, backorder processing, lists, agreement schedule, between demand, splitting operations, system creates, confirmation, location product, supplier, global available, sales orders, total quantity, network planning, following corrections, **********************************************************************************************************************************************the following, production planning, event driven, supply network, driven quantity, following paragraph, order processing, customizing settings, maxvals field, party order, model parameter, current period, following, allowed value, product master, following sentence, prerequisites section, business workflow, under, active planning, chapter scheduling, scheduling using, detailed scheduling, planned order, limited freeze, freeze horizon, remain unchanged, template planning, synchronization calendar, tracking signal, deleted, standard settings, third party, order confirmations, chapter order, process scheduling, automatic release, event, check global, configurable process, under, corrected, features section, using configurable, product availability, periods within, promise chapter, checks whether, rules based, intermittent forecast, keyblock, process keyblock, enhancement package, requirements planning, delivery monitor, inbound delivery, additional supply, shortage, distribution requirements, period, highest quota, access screen, field, advanced, maximum values, rules screen, approval screen, define management, these suppliers, multiple suppliers, suppliers otherwise, transportation duration, external procurement, included under

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