Note 1237211 - RERAPP: BAdI for additional document split

Version / Date 2 / 2008-08-06
Priority Correction with low priority
Category Exit added
Primary Component RE-FX-RA Rental Accounting
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You want to subdivide documents that were created in the periodic postings into additional customer-specific criteria.

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Reason and Prerequisites

Reason: The function is missing.


In the RE-FX standard system, the cash flows to be posted have so far been divided according to the following criteria:

    • Document type
    • Partner
    • Currency
    • Exchange rate
    • Conversion rule
    • Conversion date

The business add-in BADI_RERA_DOC_SPLIT in this note allows you define additional criteria, and to increase the document split. The classification implemented by the standard system can only be refined. No documents can be merged, that is, line items that lead to different document types cannot be merged into one document.

For example, you want to distribute the cash flows to be posted according to the due date so that all items for a document have the same due date.

The new Business Add-In is delivered in a Support Package. For an advance correction, implement the attached source code corrections.

Carry out the following manual advance activities:
Call transaction SE18 to create the BAdI definition BADI_RERA_DOC_SPLIT in the enhancement spot BADI_RE_RA_CA with the following properties:
Usability: Multiple Use
Instance Creation Mode: Reusing Instantiation

Description of the methods of the BAdI:
  • Method SPLIT_DOCUMENT; instance method; description: 'Divided document according to any defined customer criteria'

  • Parameter Description
    ID_PROCESSMODE Process Mode (simulation/update run) cannot be changed
    CT_POSTING_RECORD Posting records (cash flow items to be posted); you can re-sort this table, and if required set the 'SPLIT' field at the required location. However, do not change any fields.
    CT_MESSAGE Messages (can be changed); do not normally have to be filled; if you add an e-message in CT_MESSAGE, the document is not posted. For warning or information messages, the item is posted, but the message is listed in the posting log.


The class CL_EXM_IM_RERA_DOC_SPLIT, which is also delivered with this note, contains a sample implementation for the BAdI for the example of the document split for different due dates.

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