Note 121625 - AS/400: Buffer sizes

Version / Date 16 / 2008-04-22
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Consulting
Primary Component BC-OP-AS4 IBM AS/400
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As a result of a limitation of the OS/400 operating system, it is not possible to create an individual storage object with more than 16 MB.
This results in restrictions with regard to the maximum size of some R/3 buffers.

Additional key words

PXA, table buffers, ATP, PAGING, iSeries

Cause and prerequisites

16 MB limit in OS/400 for individual storage objects.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :    , kernel release,   parameter, the   , longer subject, shared memory,   shared, buffer  ,   maximum,   subject, table buffer, of   , storage types, to   , buffersize   , area   ,

Affected Releases
Software Component Release From Release To Release And subsequent

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