Note 1098345 - PAYG: Payment summary and ETP summary ("Times New Roman")

Version / Date 2 / 2008-02-04
Priority Correction with high priority
Category Legal change
Primary Component PY-AU Australia
Secondary Components


The PAYG Payment summary and Employment termination payment summary templates (Plain and ATO stationary) will no longer be using the True type 'Arial' fonts. Instead, it will be distributed with standard True type font "Times New Roman".

Other terms

PAYG Payment summary, Employment termination payment summary, Smart forms, Times New Roman.

Reason and Prerequisites

The TrueType fonts 'Arial (Normal,Italic)'and 'Arial (Bold)' have been
removed from the system.(See Note 1132685)


This note contains the modifications for the 2007/2008 Payment/ETP Summary.
These include:
1. PAYG Payment Summary layouts converted in 'Times Roman' fonts:

    o  For plain paper: HR_AU_PS02_PP.
    o  For pre-printed ATO stationary: HR_AU_PS_ATOS(HP printer

2. Employment Termination Payment Summary layouts converted in 'Times      Roman' fonts:

    o  For plain paper: HR_ETP03_A_PP.
    o  For pre-printed ATO stationary: HR_ETP03_AUST(HP printer

3. Sub-feature 13GCR and 13GC1 are modified to call the new layout set for Payment/ETP Summary for printing on plain paper and ATO stationary.

After applying the changes of this note, the feature setting for 13GCR and 13GC1 would look like as mentioned below:

13GCR:(Modified)                                                       (Please note that newly added entries are shown in bold letter in       feature 13GCR).
Variable key   F   C   Operations                                       ...................
13            4      &13G01=RP_GCT01_AUSTBL26BL26RP_GCT01_A_PPX, NEXTR 13             5 & 13G07=HR_AU_PS_ATOSBL26BL26HR_AU_PS02_PPX,      **                    &13G97=                                  ,NEXTR ...................                                                     **             4      &13G01=                                  ,NEXTR  **             5      &13G07=                                  ,

13GC1:(Modified)                                                       (Please note that newly added entries are shown in bold letter in       feature 13GC1).
Variable key   F   C   Operations                                       ...................
13            4       &13E07=HR_ETP01_A_PPHR_ETP01_AUSTBL25X,   NEXTR 13             5 & 13E08=HR_ETP03_A_PPHR_ETP03_AUSTBL25X,          **                    &13E98=                                  ,NEXTR  ...................                                                     **             4       &13E07=                                  ,NEXTR  **             5       &13E08=                                  ,

It is recommended to apply the corrections of this note using the
appropriate Support Package (SP) only. Do not apply the changes
manually.Before applying the corrections of this note it is recommended
that you apply all notes up to the Support Package level of this note.

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