Note 1096641 - TDMS: RFC management - problems occur during synchronisation

Version / Date 2 / 2007-09-26
Priority Correction with high priority
Category Workaround for missing functionality
Primary Component CA-TDM-BUS-ERP Migration for ERP Data
Secondary Components CA-TDM-FRM-PCL Process Control Layer


When you use TDMS RFC management (process step) to maintain RFC connections for a TDMS transfer package, during the synchronization the system issues the error message
CNVMBT 112 :
"Could not change password of RFC Destination &1."

In addition, runtime errors of the type
'SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED' may occur in the affected system if you use a TDMS destination in the affected system.

Other terms

TDMS, CNVMBT 112 , CNVMBT-112, passwords, RFC Management

Reason and Prerequisites

The TDMS control system has SAP Basis release level 700 and the affected remote systems (TDMS sender or receiver system) have a lower release than this. During the synchronization, the system automatically creates the RFC destinations (in accordance with their definition in the control system) in the relevant remote systems.
For unknown reasons, if the above error occurs, the system does NOT adjust the definition in the affected remote system in accordance with the Basis release level that is there.  Therefore, when you use the destination, the above-mentioned runtime error may occur, or the error message that is mentioned above may occur in the TDMS RFC.


You can use the following workaround to correct the definition of the RFC destination in the affected remote system.

To maintain the RFC destinations in the systems that are affected by this error, proceed as follows.

    1. Log on to the affected system.
    2. Call the transaction for maintaining RFC connections (SM59).
    3. Select a TDMS RFC destination of the affected transfer package for the display.
    4. In the detailed view of the destination, enter the code 'TOGL' in the transaction field (OK code field, which is the entry field in the upper window area). --> As a result, you should now be able to change the RFC destination.
    5. Enter the password for the RFC user and save the entry.
    6. Repeat this step for all TDMS destinations in the affected system that are assigned to the current transfer.
    7. Then call (and perform no other action) the RFC maintenance in the process tree for the relevant TDMS transfer package.
    8. The system should display the synchronization as successful here.

If this is not the case, open a relevant message under the component XX-PROJ-DMS-TDM.

Affected Releases
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