Note 1060264 - PI Troubleshooting Guide 7.1

Version / Date 6 / 2011-11-03
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Help for error analysis
Primary Component BC-XI Please use a sub-component
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You require detailed information to troubleshoot problems in your PI landscape.

Other terms

XI Exchange Infrastructure, SLD, RWB, Adapter Framework, SXI_CACHE, CPACache, Proxy, SXMB_MONI, Adapter Engine

Reason and Prerequisites

Problems occur in your PI landscape and you require more information about troubleshooting and existing analysis tools.


Use the PI Troubleshooting Guide. The guide is available on SMP at:
-> Process Integration
-> Troubleshooting Guide - SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1

You will find the XI Troubleshooting Guide for XI 2.0 in Note 972663 and the the XI Troubleshooting Guide for XI 3.0/7.0/7.01 in Note 806546. For PI 7.3 SAP Note 1452440 is relevant.

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- full text search in the complete pdf document.

3: September 2008
2: June 2008
1: January 2008
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