Note 1058988 - 640_EX2 Kernels

Version / Date 10 / 2010-01-13
Priority Correction with high priority
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Primary Component BC-CST Client/Server Technology
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The SAP Kernel is linked with a specific version of the database client software and built on a particular release of operating system compiler.
For some databases there is an updated / newer client version available from the database vendor. In some cases the current database client version runs out of vendor support in the near future. The same is also true for some of the operating system compiler versions.
In order for SAP customers to operate a fully supported environment an updated version of the 640 kernel (called the 640_EX2 kernel) is being released by SAP.
The 640_EX2 is the successor version of the 640 kernel. The applications running this kernel are themselves not impacted with the newer kernel version.

Other terms

640, 640_EX2, EX2 Kernel, Maintenance

Reason and Prerequisites
  • Attention
    For SCM 4.0 and SCM 4.1, where SAP liveCache 7.5 is used, one of the following minimum releases of the SQLDBC runtime is precondition for the usage of SAP Kernel 640_EX2:
    SQLDBC >=
    SQLDBC >=
    SQLDBC >=
    For information on how to install the SQLDBC runtime and check its version, read the section "Requirements to the MaxDB client software (SQLDBC runtime)" of SAP Note 1066891.

    Additionally a SAP DB database library patch >= 235 (lib_dbsl) is necessary. You will find this lib_dbsl patch under the SAP Kernel 640_EX2 (subfolder SAP DB) for your specific operating system on the SAP Service Marketplace:
  • Customers may need to upgrade their operating system before they can implement the 640_EX2 kernel. To check if your operating system / database version is released with the 640_EX2 kernel please refer to the PAM (Product Availability Matrix) at
  • In some cases a database upgrade may also be necessary before the 640_EX2 kernel can be implemented. To check whether the 640_EX2 kernel is supported on a particular database release, refer to the PAM or the following SAP Notes.
    • SAP Note 407314 (Oracle)
    • SAP Note 407317 (INFORMIX)
    • SAP Note 407320 (MaxDB)
    • SAP Note 407322 (DB2/UDB)
    • SAP Note 407325 (DB2/390)
    • SAP Note 407328 (MS SQL Server)
    • SAP Note 410783 (DB2/400)
  • Customers who are installing new SAP systems based on 640 kernel will NOT be able to install 640_EX2 kernel directly as part of the installation since the SAPINST (SAP Installation Tool) is not adapted accordingly. These customers will have to implement the 640_EX2 kernel as part of the post-installation steps.
  • When implementing the 640_EX2 kernel, the kernels on ALL application servers of the affected system must be replaced.
  • An update of the SAPGUI is not required after updating the system with the new 640_EX2 kernels. The existing / installed SAPGUI will also continue to work with 640_EX2 kernel.
  • The 640_EX2 kernel is a "binary only" release. This means that customers can implement the newer kernel without the need for an SAP upgrade.
  • After installing the 640_EX2 kernel customers must continue to import the support packages for the installed SAP release when updating / implementing corrections to the repository objects.
  • After installing the 640_EX2 kernel customers must use only 640_EX2 patches when implementing corrections to the kernel.
  • Customers who use the J2EE engine must also extract the SCS.SAR packet as part of the 640_EX2 kernel installation. This ensures the availability of the jcmon utility which is required during the upgrade procedure by the SAP upgrade tools.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

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