Note 1013976 - JSPM GUI on UNIX

Version / Date 5 / 2008-05-07
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Primary Component BC-UPG-OCS-SPJ Support package tools for Java
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JSPM GUI does not work properly on UNIX.

Other terms

Java Support Package Manager; JSPM; remote GUI; UNIX; X-Windows

Reason and Prerequisites

When JSPM is started it automatically starts its GUI on the local machine, i.e. the machine JSPM is running on. If the SAP system is on UNIX and a Windows PC is used as a client, which is quite common, this requires some kind of X server software to run on the Windows PC in order to display JSPM GUI.
The only software of this kind in use at SAP, and therefore the only one which has been tested extensively in this scenario, is Hummingbird Exceed. Other X servers (like XMing) can not be guaranteed to work flawlessly. In this case the whole eventing mechanism of Java Swing is not transported properly back and forth between XMing and the Java VM, leading to an apparently unresponsive GUI.

While some customers are able to run JSPM GUI in X-Windows on UNIX systems, this setup has not been validated by SAP and is not guaranteed to work.

Starting JSPM with remote UI

Since 7.10 SP2, JSPM allows to run its GUI on a different host.

Start JSPM with this command line:
go -remoteui

Wait for this message to appear on the console:
Waiting for SDTServer to connect ...

Open a web browser on another host with Java runtime installed. Browse to this address:
where <host> is the host on which you have started JSPM and <xx> is the number of the instance from which you have started JSPM.

On the web page choose the link Start JSPM Frontend (SDTGui). JSPM GUI will be downloaded and started locally by Java Web Start technology. Then you can proceed as usually. Just keep in mind that JSPM actually runs on the remote host.

Redirecting the display

If SAP system is on UNIX, it is recommended to redirect JSPM GUI to a Windows machine using Hummingbird Exceed software.

For OS400 check SAP note 885063.

However, besides the obvious solution (buying Exceed), there is another workaround. As JSPM and its GUI communicate via TCP/IP, it is possible to run the GUI remotely, although not without some manual work.

The necessary steps are

1. In JSPM/param/jspm_config.txt change the entry
     /dialog/SDTServerConnection/SDTGui/launch = true


     /dialog/SDTServerConnection/SDTGui/launch = false

2. Copy StartGui.bat and the content of the lib sub-directory of the JSPM directory on the UNIX box to some directory on the Windows PC, thereby creating a directory structure
            <jar archives>

   or just mount JSPM file system on the Windows PC.

3. Start JSPM on the UNIX host as usual with the go script.
   You will see a message like this

   Waiting for SDTServer to connect on hostname <machine_name>/<ip_address> socket 6240 ...

4. Start StartGui.bat on Windows host
   The GUI appears with a logon screen. Specify the host and port from the message above.
   The connection to the JSPM will be established.

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