Note 1012934 - TUB: BSI 7.0 TUB 173 adds new AL marital status.

Version / Date 2 / 2008-01-04
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Customizing
Primary Component PY-US-BSI Tax Interface BSI
Secondary Components


Effective January 1, 2007, a new marital status - 15 (Married, withhold at single rate) - has been introduced for tax authority Alabama (00010000).

Other terms

T5UTK, Infotype 0210, Marital status, BSI 7.0, AL

Reason and Prerequisites

To comply with this requirement, Tax Update Bulletin (TUB) 173 releases the new marital status named above for use in Alabama in conjunction with BSI TaxFactory 7.0.

For additional information about TUB 173, consult Note 1012720.


Upon applying TUB 173 to your system, perform the Customizing activities described below to ensure that the ID status code and BSI status code are correctly mapped to one another.

    1. Execute transaction SM31.
    2. Specify table T5UTK, then select Maintain.
    3. On the subsequent screen, select New entries.
    4. Enter the following data for the new Alabama marital status:

Auth F
AL 15

Text Long text
Md Sgl Rt Married, withhold at single rate

Start date End date
01/01/2007 12/31/9999

    5. Save your entries, then exit view maintenance.

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