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Id Title
M5862 No authorization for displaying or maintaining the OIW info catalog
M5869 Error in the period determination
M5870 No errors have occurred
M5871 The imported data source for the OIW is not available
M5872 Info object & from table & is not available
M5873 A common data source is not available for the info objects
M5874 Please transfer info objects in table COLUMNS_TO_READ
M5875 Info object & cannot be determined by the data source imported
M5876 No data could be found for the selection requirements
M5877 Value & is not available for the field SELECTION-SIGN
M5878 Value & is not available for the field SELECTION-OPTION
M7000 Entry & & & not in table & (system error)
M7001 Check table &: entry & & & does not exist
M7002 Select another function, & is not supported here
M7003 Enter a purchase order
M7004 In the case of individual entry, specify PO item
M7005 This function has not been released yet
M7006 Material & & & does not exist
M7007 Check number range: external number assignment is not allowed
M7008 Maximum number of & items reached