SAP Messages

The purchase order you entered does not contain any items that can beinvoiced. This can have one of the following causes:

  • No invoice receipt is defined for the order items.

  • GR-based Invoice Verification has been defined for the order items but
  • no goods that can be invoiced have been received.
    • The purchase order is for a service for which no entry or acceptance of
    • services performed has been made.

      If you entered the wrong purchase order number, proceed as follows:

      • If you are on the Multiple selection screen,

      • correct or delete the relevant line.
        • If you are on the Vendor screen,

        • choose Cancel. The document overview screen appears. By choosingNew item -> Purchase order, you can enter a new purchaseorder number if necessary.
          • If you choose New item -> Purchase order,

          • acknowledge the message with ENTER. Correct the purchase order numberthat you entered or choose Cancel.
            If the purchase order number is correct, you may wish to switch topreliminary posting to initially park the document without reference tothe purchase order. You can then post the document once the goods havebeen received or the services performed have been entered.