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Id Title
/VSO/R_MSG038 Delivery &1 from the VSO packing proposal is not in shipment &2
/VSO/R_MSG039 No unit of measure specified for Vehicle Space Optimization
/VSO/R_MSG040 Max. stack. height pack. mat. not maintained for cust. & in /VSO/R_CUST
/VSO/R_MSG041 Length unit for pack. mat. not maintained for cust. & in /VSO/R_CUST
/VSO/R_MSG050 You did not specify a vehicle type
/VSO/R_MSG051 Data was copied successfully
/VSO/R_MSG500 *******************Output texts of maintenance dialogs*******************
/VSO/R_MSG501 The minimum height must be less than the maximum height
/VSO/R_MSG502 You can only assign the material to the upper or lower layer, not both
/VSO/R_MSG503 "Do not stack" indicator is set => Stacking factor must be 1
/VSO/R_MSG504 Enter a valid unit of measure
/VSO/R_MSG505 This entry is only allowed for closed packaging materials
/VSO/R_MSG506 Maintain the unit of length
/VSO/R_MSG507 Choose a valid packaging material (F4 help)
/VSO/R_MSG508 "Do not stack" indicator is not set => Stacking factor must exceed 0
/VSO/R_MSG520 You can only specify one PKM as the default PKM for vehicle type &1
/VSO/R_MSG530 The corresponding loading bays were also deleted
/VSO/R_MSG531 To maintain loading bays, maintain the vehicle master
/VSO/R_MSG540 PKM for customer is specified, but "Pack Customer-Specific" is not set