SAP Messages

Id Title
XW211 Control totals verification found &1 errors for company code &2
XW212 View &1: Invalid selection condition: Field &2 - &3 does not exist
XW213 View &1: Invalid selection condition: Set &2 does not exist
XW214 View &1: Invalid selection condition: Set &2 assigned to other field
XW215 No selection criteria specified
XW216 Please enter a valid selection range
XW217 Please select a valid entry
XW218 &1 view records exported
XW219 File has no data for segment &1
XW220 Checksum is invalid for segment "&1"
XW221 Checksum is valid for segment "&1"
XW222 No checksums available
XW223 Checksum is invalid for data extract
XW224 Checksum is valid for data extract
XW225 No control totals are available for the current data extract
XW226 &1 detail + &2 summary records have been exported
XW227 View &1 has been updated - please restart this view
XW228 &1 duplicate records were removed
XW229 Please enter a numeric value
XW230 Selection restricted to &1 hits
XW231 File &1 is already deleted
XW232 File &1 has been deleted
XW233 Could not delete file &1
XW234 You selected open periods for company code &1
XW235 Please select closed fiscal periods
XW236 File &1: Could not export to archive (error code &2)
XW237 File &1 has been scheduled for archiving
XW238 File &1: Could not be retrieved from archive (error code &2)
XW239 File &1 has been scheduled for retrieval from archive
XW240 Job &1 cannot be started (code &2)
XW241 Background job &1 scheduled
XW242 Syntax error for view &1 (error message: &2)
XW243 Unable to acquire lock for table &1 using memory only for &2
XW244 With an index for data segment &1, the view could be optimized
XW245 Completed view extraction for period &1 and company code &2
XW246 Selection of master data is restricted by the selected applications
XW247 ALV-Display not possible, Meta data for &1 is missing
XW248 File &1 has been archived
XW249 File &1 has been retrieved from archive
XW250 Conversion to new log files has failed
XW251 Conversion to new log files was successful
XW252 Conversion to new log files already successful
XW253 Conversion to new log files stopped, cannot lock tables
XW254 Extract &1 has been inserted in log
XW255 Extract &1 could not be inserted in log
XW256 This extract or file has been archived (only local files will be deleted)
XW257 Cannot clear table &1
XW258 Segment &1 is too large for buffering
XW259 Segment &1: &2 records inserted in buffer
XW260 Segment &1: buffer updated with search field &2
XW261 Index record length exceeds maximum length of &1 by &2 bytes
XW262 File &1 was already archived
XW263 File &1 was already retrieved from archive
XW264 File &1: Could not export to archive
XW265 File &1: Could not retrieved from archive
XW266 No authorization to delete data with data view &1
XW270 File &1 has not been exported to archive
XW271 Old archive links for file &1 have been deleted
XW272 File &1 is locked from other archiv process
XW273 File &1 was created successfully
XW274 Only &1 entries will be selected ! View might be incomplete
XW275 &1 for the segment &2 is declared more than once in view fields.
XW276 No ALV variant found for the extract splitter file id &1
XW277 ALV variant could not be deleted for the extract splitter file id &1
XW278 ALV Variant &1 does not exist. Enter new variant.
XW279 View field &1 is selected for more than one segment
XW280 View files are available still, view definition cannot be deleted
XW281 &1 duplicate source extract files were found and deleted.
XW282 File &1 was already exported to archive
XW283 Extract &1 is already available.
XW284 Program errors.
XW285 Generation error: &1
XW286 Output contain more than 99 columns - columns will be hidden
XW300 *--------------------------RTXWCF10------------------------------------*
XW301 Please enter a value of at least 1000 inserts
XW302 Internal error occured: No UID found for program RTXWCF10
XW303 Internal error occured: Insertfailure at TXW_R_STAT (longtext!)
XW310 *-----------------Number range objects --------------------------------*
XW311 Interval '1' not found for &1
XW312 Number range object &1 not found
XW313 Interval overflow in number range object &1
XW314 Error with number range object &1
XW315 Wrong customizing of number range object &1
XW330 Please enter at least one valid company code
XW331 Please enter only company codes with uniform data volumes &1 : &2
XW332 Function module &1 for Travel Management does not exist
XW333 No valid cluster TE for Travel Management data
XW334 Application CFM does not exist
XW335 Application Travel Management does not exist
XW336 Function module &1 for CFM does not exist
XW337 Function module &1 for SAP Business Partner does not exist
XW338 Application SAP Business Partner does not exist
XW339 Navigation available via columns 'segment name' or 'reference table'
XW340 Application CML does not exist
XW341 Function module &1 for CML does not exist
XW342 Application RE-FX does not exist
XW343 Function module &1 for RE-FX does not exist
XW344 No chart account defined for company code &1
XW350 Only 36 segments can be displayed without refresh of browser. Viewed: &1
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