Paramètres SAP

Paramètre Groupe Description
auth/no_check_in_some_cases Auth Activation of the Profile Generator
auth/object_disabling_active Auth Value 'N' prohibits disabling of authorization objects
auth/rfc_authority_check Abap Ausführung der RFC-Berechtigungsprüfung
auth/su53_buffer_entries Auth Number of SU53 shared buffer entries per work process
auth/system_access_check_off Abap Switch off automatic authorization check
auth/tcodes_not_checked Auth Disables Tcode checking for SU53 & SU56 auth analysis
auth/test_mode Auth Jump into report rsusr400 at every authority-check
wdisp/max_permission_table_entry_size WebDisp URI permission table: max. size of one table entry in characters
backproc/steplevel_db_write Batch background processing: db-write for each step vs end-of-job
batch/altlogfile Batch missing
batch/logfile Batch missing
bdc/bdel_auth_check BatchInput batch-input: check authorisation for activity DELE when delete TA
bdc_iob_size BatchInput missing
bdc/protocol/errorforceend BatchInput cancel batch-input processing when log-error occurs
bgrfc/context_check/auth_check Abap activate authorisation check for RFC_CHECK_CONTEXT_ID
bgrfc/disable_integrity_check Abap deactivate the transactional integrity check for Units in background RFC
bgrfc/extern/auth_check Abap activating authorisation check for ARFC_DEST_SHIP_EXTERN
bgrfc/loadbalancing/auth_check Abap activate authorisation check for RFC_SERVER_GROUP_RESOURCES
bgrfc/supportability/auth_check Abap activate authorisation checks for bgRFC supportability remote function modules
dbs/db4/parallel_alter_instance Database Override selection of Parralel Alter Lock Manager
icf/accept_client_profile_level Abap accept client switch of profile level for internet communication framework
icf/accept_remote_profile_level Abap accept external switch of profile level for internet communication framework
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/defaultPort VMC Line to define the default port for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/waitTimeout VMC Line to define the wait timeout for the Java Debug Proxy
codepage/R2host System Specify codepage of R2 system / used by R2 sapgui
cpuid/ System define an abbreviation for a long hostname
cpuid/before_first System Truncate After Character for computer names
cpuid/behind_last System computername behind seperator character
cpuid/trunc_left System Which side to truncate computer name
cpuid/trunc_size System When truncating computer names, number of remaining c.
csi/enable ICM Enable content scan interface in ICM
csi/SAP/csa_lib ICM Path and fille name for the external content scan adapter (shared library)
cua/only_pres Cua missing
dbms/id Database missing
dbms/type Database missing
dbs/ada/dbroot Database Home Directory of ADABAS
dbs/ada/dbservice Database ADABAS service
dbs/ada/logsegmentsize Database Minimal size of the LogSegment (ADABAS)
dbs/ada/maxlocks Database Minimal number of MaxLocks (ADABAS)
dbs/db2/cli_trace Database DB2/390: switch on/off CLI trace
dbs/db2/cli_trace_dir Database DB2/390: CLI trace directory
dbs/db2/con_profile Database Connection Profile for DB2/390
dbs/db2/hosttcp Login TCP address of database host
dbs/db2/hosttcp_standby Login TCP address of standby database host
dbs/db2/icli_client_trace Database DB2/390: sets ICLI client trace
dbs/db2/max_priqty Database DB2/390 maximum primary quantity
dbs/db2/planname System DB2/390 plan name for dynamic SAP database interface
dbs/db2/schema Database Owner of database objects for this component
dbs/db2/sql_trace Database DB2/390: set SQL trace level
dbs/db2/ssid System DB2 subsystem/group attachment name
dbs/db2/ssid_standby System SSID for standy subsystem
dbs/db2/use_define_no Database DB2-z/OS: Switch for usage of DEFINE NO
dbs/db2/use_drda Database DB2-z/OS: Switch for usage of DB2 Connect
dbs/db4/allow_cancel Database Allow cancel of SQL operations using 'Stop Transaction'
dbs/db4/alternate_qaqqinilib Database Library that contains alternate QAQQINI file
dbs/db4/connect_type Database Type of primary database connection
dbs/db4/da_cache_size Database Database driver cache size
dbs/db4/dbsl_alternate_package Database Switch to an alternate set of SQL packages
dbs/db4/dbsl_buffersize Database Maximum number of bytes transferred per request
dbs/db4/dbsl_trace Database DB2/400: dbsl trace settings.
dbs/db4/deferred_close Database specifies whether deferred close is switched on.
dbs/db4/driver_type Database Database driver type used by DBSL
dbs/db4/install_no_cmtctl Database switch off commitment control for installation
dbs/db4/max_hostvars Database specifies the maximum number of hostvars
dbs/db4/nqe_optimize_method Database Optimization method used by the DB2/400
dbs/db4/ntlogonfile Database File name for DB/400 logon information for application servers
dbs/db4/opticonnect Database '1' means opticonnect is used
dbs/db4/parallel_alter_tables Database Allow ALTER TABLE while INSERTS occur in parallel
dbs/db4/qaqqinilib Database Library that contains QAQQINI file
dbs/db4/rdbname Database Name of ASP group for independent ASP
dbs/db4/timeout_retry Database Number of attempts to access locked tables/records
dbs/db4/use_hints Database Enable the usage of DbSl hints in OpenSQL
dbs/db4/xdn_port Database TCP port used by XDNLISTEN and XDNSERVER
dbs/db4/xdn_trace_file Database Trace file created by XDN
dbs/db6/ccms_maintenance Database DB6: CCMS maintenance enabling
dbs/db6/dbsl_cli_trace System DB2 UDB CLI trace
dbs/db6/dbsl_cstrace Perf DB6: level for cumulative trace (CS-TRACE)
dbs/db6/dbsl_dyn_notification Database generic parameter for dynamic DBSL notifications
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace Systrace DB6: DbSl trace level
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_dir Database Trace directory for DBSl Trace
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_iocount Systrace DB6: DbSl trace: number of I/O records to be traced
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_string Systrace DB6: DbSl trace search string
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_str_len Systrace DB6: DbSl trace display length for string/raw data
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_time Systrace DB6: DbSl trace min time limit to be exceeded for tracing
dbs/db6/optlevel Database DB2/CS Optimization Level
dbs/db6/statistics_restore Database Decision what kind of DB statistics data to restore for DB2 (for AIX)
dbs/db6/statistics_store Database Decision what kind of DB statistics data to store for DB2 (for AIX)
dbs/dba/ccms_maintenance Database DBA Cockpit: CCMS Maintenance Enabling
dbs/dba/ccms_security_level Database DBA Cockpit: Granularity of CCMS Maintenance Security Check
dbs/hdb/cmd_buffersize Database size of DBSL buffer used for array operations
dbs/hdb/input_parameters Database maximum number of input parameters
dbs/hdb/max_array Database maximum number of rows for array operations
dbs/hdb/stmtlng Database maximum length of a SQL statement
dbs/hdb/stmt_cache_size Database size of statement cache
dbs/mssql/select_asterisk Database generic field lists (*) allowed in Open SQL
dbs/mss/add_procs Database maximum number of additional dirty read connections
dbs/mss/dbname Database name of database
dbs/mss/dbsl_profile Database MSSQL: Enable dbsl profile trace
dbs/mss/max_duration Database maximal runtime for stored procedure execution
dbs/mss/no_cacheprofile Database Disables cache profiling for MS SQL Server
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