Paramètres SAP

Paramètre Groupe Description
dbs/mss/packet_size Database size of network packet
dbs/mss/par_stmt_cache_size Database Size of cache for parameterized statements. Only for statistics.
dbs/mss/par_stmt_prepare Database MSSQL: Prepare parameterized statements
dbs/mss/pn_cache_size Database size of name cache for permanent stored procedures
dbs/mss/recompile_par_stmts Database Cause every parameterized statement to be recompiled each time it's executed.
dbs/mss/schema Database Schema name (or sql server user name). Always SID in lowercase.
dbs/mss/server Database name of host machine for SQL Server
dbs/mss/stats_on Database Enable stored procedure statistics collection (st04 SAP stats on SPs).
dbs/mss/update_with_updlock Database MSSQL: Set UPDLOCK hint on all UPDATE SQL statements
dbs/mss/verbose Database additional (verbose) trace output by dbsl interface
dbs/ora/array_buf_size Database Size of input/output buffer used for array operations
dbs/ora/close_stmt_after_exec Database Close SQL statement after execution
dbs/ora/register_appl_info Database Register application information in the Oracle Shared SQL Area
dbs/ora/schema Database Owner of database objects for this component
dbs/ora/stmt_cache_size Database Size of statement cache
dbs/ora/substitute_literals Perf global setting for openSQL hint SUBSTITUTE_LITERALS
dbs/ora/tnsname Database Logischer Name einer ORACLE Datenbank
dbs/ora/tnsname_standby Database Service Name for a Standby Database Instance (Oracle SQL*NET V2)
dbs/ora/use_hints Database Generierung von Optimizer Hints bei Oracle
dbs/syb/client_attribute Database Sybase ASE: Set Client Attributes
dbs/syb/connect_timeout Database Sybase ASE: Connection Timeout (seconds)
dbs/syb/dbname Database name of database
dbs/syb/fetchArraySize Database Sybase ASE: ODBC Prefetch Size (rows)
dbs/syb/odbc_trace Database Sybase ASE: Enable ODBC Trace
dbs/syb/packet_size Database size of network packet
dbs/syb/par_stmt_prepare Database Sybase ASE: Prepare parameterized statements
dbs/syb/port Database port of Sybase ASE database
dbs/syb/schema Database Schema name (or ASE user name). Usually SAPSR3.
dbs/syb/server Database name of host machine for Sybase ASE
dbs/syb/sql_trace Database Sybase ASE: Enable dbsl SQL trace
dbs/syb/tds_cap Database Sybase ASE: Capture TDS Packets
rsdb/vmcj/codepage_compatibility Database Grad der von Open SQL für JTS unterstützten Codepage Konvertierungen
dir/account System missing
dir/arch/id System missing
DIR_ATRA Abap Laufzeitanalyse: Verzeichnisname für Meßdatendateien
DIR_AUDIT System Directory for security audit files
DIR_BINARY System missing
DIR_CLIENT_ORAHOME Database Root-path of Oracle software on client side
DIR_CT_LOGGING System missing
DIR_CT_RUN System missing
DIR_DATA System directory for datas
dir/datafiles System missing
DIR_DBMS Database missing
DIR_EPS_ROOT Trans root path for EPS file transfer
DIR_EXECUTABLE System missing
dir/executables System missing
DIR_EXE_ROOT System missing
DIR_EXTRACT System directory for extract file
DIR_GEN System missing
DIR_GEN_ROOT System missing
DIR_GLOBAL System missing
DIR_GRAPH_EXE System missing
DIR_GRAPH_LIB System missing
DIR_HOME System home directory
DIR_ICMAN_ROOT System ICM root directory
DIR_INSTALL System missing
DIR_INSTANCE System missing
dir/libraries System missing
DIR_LIBRARY System missing
DIR_LOGGING System missing
DIR_MEMORY_INSPECTOR Abap path for memory inspector files
DIR_ORADBS Database missing
DIR_ORAHOME Database missing
DIR_PAGING System directory for paging file
DIR_PERF System missing
DIR_PROFILE System missing
DIR_PROTOKOLLS System missing
DIR_PUT Trans Root directory for the R/3 upgrade
DIR_REORG Database directory for reorganization
DIR_ROLL System directory for roll file
DIR_RSYN System missing
DIR_SAPUSERS System missing
DIR_SERVER_ORAHOME Database Root-path of ORACLE software on the database server
DIR_SETUPS System missing
DIR_SORTTMP System directory for external sort
DIR_SOURCE System missing
DIR_TEMP System directory for temporary datas
dir/temporary System missing
DIR_TRANS Trans root directory for transports
rfc/disable_debugger_command_field Abap Disable command field during RFC debugging
rdisp/accept_remote_trace_level Dispatcher accept external switch of trace level
wdisp/max_permission_table_size WebDisp max. number of entries in URI permission table
wdisp/max_server_group_name_len WebDisp maximal length of group name in the group info table
rdisp/vb_delete_after_execution Update Delete update requests after execution?
dta/allow Dta missing
dta/ftp/account Dta missing
dta/ftp/cmd Dta missing
dta/ftp/pass Dta ftp password
dta/ftp/user Dta remote ftp user
dta/mechanism Dta tool for download
dta/remsh/cmd Dta remote shell command
dynpro/global_fields Dynp Enables/disables the usage of global fields.
dynpro_language_area Dynp Size of Dynpro Language- Dependent Load Area
dynp/checkskip1screen Dynp Activate/Deactivate check start transaction with "skip first screen"
dynp/luw_id_format System format of luw id (used for update key)
login/password_compliance_to_current_policy Login current password needs to comply with current password policy
em2/implementation ExtMemory Defines implementation of MM
em/address_space_MB ExtMemory Space reserved for user context in work processes
em/as4/max_free_list ExtMemory maximum number of elements on list
em/blocksize_KB ExtMemory Block size for extended memory
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