Note 1636252 - Installing a 7.20 kernel in SAP Web AS 7.00/7.01/7.10/7.11

Composant : Client/Server Technology -

Solution : (Connexion à SAP Service Marketplace requise)

Mots Clés :
7.20, 7.20 EXT, 720_EXT, AKK, DCK, Downward-Compatible Kernel
\usr\sap\< sapsid>, drive> \usr\sap\<, instance profile>, downward compatible, application server, sapjvm directory>, service marketplace, instant client, compatible kernel, operating system, following commands, kernel patches, \sys\profile\< instance, enhancement package, systems, newkernel> \sapcar, newkernel> sapcar, sapsid> \sys\profile\<, stack systems, sapsid> \sys\exe\<, support packages, application servers, patch levels, lst, usage, profile> source, sapcpe, sapjvm, central monitoring, instance> worksapcpe, product release, additional application, primary application, rdisp, server instance, kernel maintenance, 20ext7 20ext, files rfcexec, instance> \worksapcpe, following command, kernel directory, patch level, classicuserconcept value, addenvvar, please refer, oracle instant, addenvvar envvar, envvar classicuserconcept, starting kernel, still running, standalone gateway, installation, double stack, exist, \sys\exe\< uc|nuc>, linux windows, system releases, typeleng inconsistent, information about, platform specific, specific information, release which, details refer, power linux, intel itanium, local executable, stack kernel, download catalog, stack system, additional programs, start profiles, central instance, command, relevant local, iseries

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