Paramètre SAP snc/data_protection/min - Min. required data protection for incoming connections


Short text
Minimum required data protection forSecure Network CommunicationsThis parameter specifies the lowest requirement for data transferprotection for incoming connections.The SNC layer attempts to reach at least this level of protectionwith the partner for incoming connections. Otherwise an erroris reported, and the affected connectionis cancelled.

Work area

Parameter unit
Integer value

Default value
2 (Data integrity protection)

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db
Nonesnc/enable - Activate the SNC module(Secure Network Communications)snc/data_protection/use - default
level for data transferprotectionsnc/data_protection/max - Restriction
of data transferprotection upwards<(><<)>= snc/data_protection/use

  • 1 (Secure authentication only)

  • 2 (Data integrity protection)

  • 3 (Data privacy protection)