Paramètre SAP icm/min_spare_threads - Number of worker threads ICM tries to keep free


Short text
Number of worker threads ICM tries to keep freeNumber of worker threads that hte ICM attempts to keep free.This means that it is able to reply quickly to client requests thatarrive in quick succession. However, it can only manage to do thiswhile the ICM has not yet generated the maximum number of threads(parameter icm/max_threads ).
ExampleThe ICM starts with 20 threads, can generate a maximum of 100 andicm/min_spare_threads is set to 5. If more than 15 threads are thenoccupied by requests, the ICM generates new threads. This continuesuntil there are 100 threads. If more than 95 are then occupied, theICM allows this.

Work area

Parameter unit

Default value

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db
NoneThe parameter must be set to a value significantly smaller thanicm/max_threads