Paramètre SAP dbs/ora/array_buf_size - Size of input/output buffer used for array operations


Short text
Size of input/output buffer used for array operation

Parameter description
This parameter defines the size of a data area with which the input andoutput values of an SQL statement are transferred to the Oracledatabase. It influences in particular the maximum number of records thatare brought into the database with an array operation (such as arrayinsert) or that are read from there (array fetch). The larger theselected value, the more records can be transferred to or from thedatabase with a single database operation. However, the Oracle networksoftware also partitions the data to be transported again, so thatincreasing the value may not necessarily lead to a reduction in networktraffic.
The default value of the parameter is -1. This means that an internalsystem default value is used for the size of the array buffer. Thisdefault value should only be changed in consultation with SAP.

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