Paramètre SAP dbs/db4/parallel_alter_instance - Override selection of Parralel Alter Lock Manager


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Override selection of Parralel Alter Lock ManagerWhen using Parallel Alter functionality (Note: 960392), an instancenumber is used to identify a Parallel Alter Lock Manager. Each SAPSystem <(><<)>SID<(>><)> residing on a database machine (iSeries)
should have aseperate Lock Manager. The default is to use the Message Server Portnumber modulus 100; meaning sapmsB4L with a port number of 3642would have a Parallel Alter Instance of 42.Example: dbs/db4/parallel_alter_instance = 42This profile parameter should be placed in the DEFAULT.PFLThe current value is printed in the developer trace:parallel_alter_instance = 42See Note: 960392

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