Paramètre SAP alert/max_mtes_per_autoabap_run - Maximum MTEs processed in one autoabap run (0 ... no restriction)


Short text
Maximum MTEs processed in one autoabap run (0 ... no restriction).

Parameter description
Number of processed monitoring attributes (MTEs) can be limited in orderto avoid performance problems with the CCMS dispatcher SAPMSSY8. Set thevalue only if you encounter serious problems (time out) with SAPMSSY8.Values between 1000 and 4000 should ensure that no time out occurs, butyour system may be able to process even more MTEs.
The consequence of limiting the number of processed MTEs is that youwill need multiple autoabap cycles (runs of SAPMSSY8) in order toprocess all required MTEs.
If the value of the parameter is equal to 0, then there is norestriction set and SAPMSSY8 can process all relevant MTEs in one run.
See also note 1773008.

Parameter unit
Number of MTEs